“Commencement of Adelaide’s Second Annual Gather Round Festival”

Thousands of enthusiastic footy fans from all corners of Australia have flocked to Adelaide to partake in the second annual AFL Gather Round festival. The opening match placed the spotlight squarely on the Adelaide Crows, with eight out of nine scheduled games already sold out over the course of the four-day event.

Adelaide Oval was teeming with a sea of Crows supporters as the festival commenced in earnest. Jenny Brumly, a devoted Brisbane Lions fan, expressed her delight at the opportunity to witness all the AFL clubs congregated in one city, deeming it “fantastic.”

Ahead of their upcoming clash against the Lions, North Melbourne co-captain Jy Simpkin took the opportunity to inspect the field at Norwood. Expressing his anticipation for the game, Simpkin remarked on the exceptional condition of the field, eagerly awaiting the chance to step onto it.

Beyond the thrilling matches, Gather Round offers a plethora of entertainment options. One notable attraction is a free zip line that spans across the Torrens River at a height of six storeys. Reaching speeds of 40km/h, it promises a swift journey for fans en route to the matches, far surpassing the pace of a leisurely walk across the footbridge.

Fans also had the unique opportunity to interact with AFL champions and test their own kicking prowess. Brisbane Lions players graciously posed for photos and distributed autographs during their training session at Norwood Oval, fostering a sense of camaraderie with the attendees.

For those unable to secure tickets to the sold-out matches, live broadcasts of the games will be screened at Elder Park throughout the weekend, ensuring that every fan can partake in the excitement of the festival.

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