Collingwood Magpie enthusiastic about re-signing Mason Cox

The 23-year-old Sier was released to Pai after 28 games, including just seven games this year, which entered the scene in late 2018. A new transaction will be offered.


Thomas has played 123 games in the league for over a decade. Queensland’s career was interrupted by a two-year drug suspension, but he bounced back and became an important player in the pie.

“The last two months have given us time to ponder, and I think we’ve made the right decision after careful consideration,” said Thomas.

“I feel very lucky to reach the end of my career and be truly satisfied with my time in the game.”

Wright reiterated that Pai was enthusiastic about holding Lynch, but understood why he was trying to get out of Brody Grandy’s shadow.

“That was a shame. There was a place for him here. But we realized that he wanted to explore the opportunity to be the first rack somewhere. Hawthorn told him. Gave that opportunity, he brings our absolute best wishes.

“got it Brody has a 6-year contract, And when you are an understudy, maybe you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Josh Thomas and

“Just because Brody has a six-year contract doesn’t mean he has a mortgage in that position … but everyone Brody is one of the best four to five rackmen in the competition. You would say, past him. “

Wright said the pie had almost achieved what they wanted from the trade period and landed. Geelong Nathan Kreuger, Western Bulldogs Patrick Lipinsky Earn draft points Matches expected early bids for father and son young gun Nick Daikos..

“By bringing Nathan and Pat, we had a clear priority when we entered the trading period. I’m really happy to be able to do that, but there are enough points to meet Nick’s bid. We were able to clear those priorities, we feel like we have a lot of points, “Wright said.

Wright also confirmed that Pai became involved in the discussion with the Giants. Bobby Hill was enthusiastic about moving to VictoriaHowever, it was revealed to Collingwood that he wanted to keep the small forward contracted by GWS.

“We’ve been involved since Friday. Obviously not as high as Essendon, so I think it was his favorite, but we were certainly his choice. Finally, let’s play a bit. However, GWS was very enthusiastic about keeping him. He is a quality young small forward. “

Meanwhile, Geelong will remove the big-bodied midfielder Charlie Constable and, if still available later this year, will pick him up as a rookie with the door half-opened. Constable explores his options as a delisted free agent, hoping to have a solid opportunity elsewhere in AFL, which is hungry for four seasons of senior games at Cardinia Park.

Hawthorne will also say goodbye to small forward Ollie Hanrahan. The Giants, who had missed Chad Wingard and Luke Broist, are now looking at Han Rahan. Essendon also announced the delisting of defender Marting Leson, who is just three less than a 100-game milestone.

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Collingwood Magpie enthusiastic about re-signing Mason Cox

Source link Collingwood Magpie enthusiastic about re-signing Mason Cox

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