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Coldplay promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% on the 2022 World Tour | Coldplay

Coldplay has announced a new world tour. This has announced a variety of initiatives designed to mitigate the impact on the environment.

The band promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to the 2016-17 World Tour and uses “almost completely” renewable energy to power stage shows.

We will set up a “kinetic floor” to utilize the energy generated by the fans during the show. As soon as the band arrives, solar panels will be installed on the floor, stage and other outdoor stadiums to generate electricity in the preparatory stage of the show. Batteries and mains are also sourced from renewable energy sources. The stage itself is constructed of reusable and sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled steel.

Tour routes are designed to minimize flights and the band pays extra for more sustainable air fuel.

Fans working on app-proven low-carbon travel will receive a discount at the venue. At least one tree will be planted for each ticket sold, and the band will monitor how fans move to the show based on the information provided to the app, calculate emissions, and “rewild and conserve.” We promise to “draw down” those emissions through.

Light-up wristbands worn by fans, an important part of Coldplay’s show, are made of compostable materials, many of which are reused, reducing wristband production by 80%. The confetti used is biodegradable, and the band “strives to eliminate the sale of disposable PET bottles.”

Coldplay in London in October 2021. Photo: Simone Joiner / Getty Images

The 30-day tour begins on March 18 in Costa Rica, travels to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, the European continent and several countries in the United Kingdom, and ends in Brazil. The UK dates are 3 nights at Wembley Stadium in August and 3 nights at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Coldplay will release a new album, Music of the Spheres, on Friday. Its bright pop aesthetic is a significant change in tone from the previous album “Everyday Life”.

The band didn’t tour the 2019 album and instead played some one-off concerts.Frontman Chris Martin explanation: “We’re spending two years starting next year trying to figure out what to do, not just that our tour is sustainable. [but] How can it be positively beneficial? We all have to come up with the best way to do our job. “

The music industry has considered the significant carbon emissions from tours produced by transporting large stage sets and crews from continent to continent, as well as bands.

Massive Attack recently requested a report on a tour of the University of Manchester. I called an artist To stop using private flights and reduce the intensity of electricity usage at festivals and venues.

British indie music labels such as Ninja Tune and Beggars Group labels such as XL and 4AD soon We have made a pledge regarding manufacturing, business trips and energy use.

Harry Styles, Tame Impala, Pink, and 1975 are one of the artists affiliated with the organization. Reverb For their tour. Reverb encourages participants not to use disposable plastics, calculates carbon emissions for the tour, and funds a “global project to directly eliminate equivalent amounts of greenhouse gas pollution.” However, such offsetting projects have been criticized as far less desirable than not emitting CO2 in the first place.

Coldplay promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% on the 2022 World Tour | Coldplay

Source link Coldplay promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% on the 2022 World Tour | Coldplay

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