“Cold”: Thousands of people across Britain are hit by “the worst cold ever”

Thousands of people have been hit by the “worst cold ever” as the country reopens after the blockade of the coronavirus.

Thousands of people across Britain have been hit by the “worst cold ever” as the country reopens from the blockade of the coronavirus.

The story of “super cold” has dominated the British media for the past few weeks, searching the internet for “the worst cold ever” tens of thousands of times.

Many people on Twitter, Facebook, Ticktaku They complain that they can’t shake the bug.

Reported symptoms include “sandpaper throat”, head and body aches, runny nose, and malaise, which can last for weeks.

“I think it’s very cold on the eighth day. Time goes by. CNN producer Luke McGee wrote on Twitter.

Benjamin Butterworth NS Me The newspaper said, “Every part of my body hurts. I feel like I ran a marathon just because I was awake. It seems that the” worst cold in history “struck me. “

While the symptoms overlap COVID-19, Patients with a “super cold” report a negative virus test.

Almost 68 percent of British people are completely Vaccination, And the country began offering booster shots prior to winter.

According to the ZOE Covid Symptom Study in the United Kingdom, symptomatic crossover is increasing. Covid-19 and cold..

In the early days of the pandemic, the main characteristic symptoms of Covid-19 were thought to be fever, cough, and loss of smell.

Since then, millions of reports to the ZOE Covid Study app have identified more than 20 symptoms of Covid-19, including headaches, runny nose, sneezing, and sore throat.

“Over the last 18 months, as the virus has evolved and more people have been vaccinated, the pattern of symptoms has changed,” the website said.

“Many of the symptoms of Covid-19 are now the same as a common cold, especially for those who have been vaccinated twice.”

Health science companies say that loss of smell or taste is not a common cold, but the most important predictor of a Covid-19-positive test.

“Therefore, it’s an important symptom to be aware of, whether or not you’re vaccinated,” says the website.

The British are also warned to be aware of the signs that a cold has developed. For deadly pneumonia..

Times NSPorted earlier this month Increased calls GP on Autumn Colds and Flu and 111 Hotlines of the National Health Service.

Especially in patients aged 15 to 44 years, there were calls mainly related to dyspnea.

Experts say it is likely due to a weakened immune system after nearly two years of blockade and social distance.

“With reduced social distance and wearing a mask, the common cold may now be revived. The cold bounces and the respiratory tract is respiratory infection enough to put its strong front line. No recent experience with. Defense ”, Professor Peter Openshaw Imperial College London Said Parents last month.

The focus has been on Covid-19 for the past 18 months, but also colds and flu Stopped on their truck..

Non-Covid respiratory illnesses are on the rise again, as people are once again sociable and using public transport.

“In fact, the number of coughs, colds and viral infections is increasing,” said London-based. GP Dr Philippa Kaye I told the BBC.

“We have mixed in a way that has not been mixed for the past 18 months. During their first blockade, we saw many others. [non-Covid] Infectious diseases fall. I think this is mainly due to meeting restrictions. “

Write for Sun, Dr. Kay simply More viruses are circulating This year in the community.

She suggested that people may be catching multiple insects, and as a result, the disease may be prolonged.

“This year, we don’t have a single cold, cough, or virus every year,” she writes.

“So if you feel like you’ve caught a cold and get better for a day or two before you feel sick again, you may have had a series of bugs.”

In July New York Times I reported on a similar phenomenon in the United States, which had a particularly bad experience. Cold summer season Because the pandemic restrictions have been relaxed.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common illness that is especially dangerous for babies, has also reappeared with revenge after the blockade.

RSV cases Soaring in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa.

“RSV and flu cases have dropped dramatically and remained very low throughout the winter,” RACGP wrote in May.

Cases remained low until late spring, when large surges were observed in New South Wales and Western Australia.

“The rate and magnitude of this increase was greater than the normal winter peak of RSV,” RACGP said.

“Recently, RSV cases have increased out of season in other states, including Victoria and Queensland. Relaxing Covid-19 restrictions could increase the spread of RSV. . “

Initially published as follows “Cold”: Thousands of people across Britain are hit by “the worst cold ever”

“Cold”: Thousands of people across Britain are hit by “the worst cold ever”

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