Cold case breakthrough in Andrew Podpinka’s stab

A cold case detective says he has opened a breakthrough in the 22-year mystery of what happened to the disabled Morley man Andrew Podpinka, who was found to have been stabbed at home.

Investigators are using new forensic methods to crack down on the case and are confident that they are approaching the murderer.

Podpinka was alone at his Hannans Street home on March 4, 1999, when he was attacked.

The last time he was alive was when he collected emails at 2:45 pm that day. When his wife Margaret and daughter Anna returned home from shopping at 3:45 pm, he died full of blood.

“Mr. Podpinka was sitting in his house when he was badly attacked while his family was shopping,” said Det-Sgt Kevin Glynn.

“This was a terrible crime committed to a person who was physically vulnerable and unable to protect himself.”

Born in Poland, Podpinka made Australia his hometown, but his life was plagued by illness.

He had a bad back, gallstones were removed, he had injections for pelvic pain, and he was rehabilitated more often. As a result, he lived on a pension.

“It was violent and unnecessary, and we won’t give up until we find out who did this to him,” said Det-Sgt Glynn.

Camera iconAnna Podpinka comforts her mother Margaret Podpinka after her father Andrew Podpinka died in 1999. credit: Greg Burke/WA News

19-year-old Anna Podpinka, whose father died, told Western Australians about a horrifying day in a 1999 interview.

“Every time someone walks behind me, I’m scared,” she said. “Every time I hear someone walking fast, you’re scared just to look back.

“You can’t do that to someone who is so defenseless,” she said.

“It’s like hurting a baby. It’s like that. My dad didn’t have a chance at all. That’s why it hurts so much. Why do you do that to someone who is suffering so much?”

Police are urging anyone with information to call the crime stopper at 1800 33 3000.

Cold case breakthrough in Andrew Podpinka’s stab

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