CJ BIO and NatureWorks commercialize new biopolymer solutions

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CJ BIO and NatureWorks have signed an agreement to work together on advanced products based on industry-leading NatureWorks Ingeo PLA and CJ BIO’s PHACTPHA technology to meet the growing demand for sustainable materials in a wide range of markets.

The goal of this agreement is to develop high-performance biopolymers to replace fossil fuel-based plastics. It is used in applications ranging from compostable food packaging and food service wear to personal care.

NatureWorks is a pioneer in the development of bio-based materials that reduce the impact on carbon and enable new used options with Ingeo technology. As a company, we have developed many of the major mass applications for PLA. In recent years, PLA has grown significantly as a bio-based material for a wide range of finished products.

Due to its unique capabilities, it is used to replace petrochemical-based plastics with 100% bio-based content, enabling used recovery options such as composting and chemical or coated paper recycling.

Both companies recognize the potential to further enhance biopolymer performance and end-of-use solutions to increase adoption levels in many new applications. NatureWorks and CJ aim to provide next-generation solutions by combining expertise and technology platforms.

Early development and collaboration with CJ Bio’s unique amorphous PHA in combination with Ingeo biopolymers have shown very promising results.

CJ BIO is a leading supplier of fermentation-based bioproducts for animal, human and biomaterials in 13 manufacturing facilities around the world. The company recently announced commercial-scale production of PHA after the opening of a new production facility in Pasuruan, Indonesia.

CJ BIO is today the only company in the world to manufacture amorphous PHA (aPHA) and includes the first product of the new PHACT brand named PHACTA 1000P. Amorphous PHA is a softer, more rubbery version of PHA that offers performance characteristics that are radically different from the crystalline or semi-crystalline form of PHA. Certified biodegradable in industrial compost, soil (environment), and marine environments.

Modification of PLA with amorphous PHA improves mechanical properties such as toughness and ductility while maintaining transparency. In addition, the biodegradability of PLA can be adjusted, which may lead to compostable products for home use.

“Plastics are an essential material for improving people’s lives, but the impact of fossil procurement and use presents major climatic challenges that must be addressed,” said CJBIO, a biomaterials business. The person in charge, Seung Jin Lee, said.

“NatureWorks and its Ingeo technology have already helped bring new material features and post-use options to market. They have a wide range of product and application development capabilities, such as PHACT Amorphous PHA Technology. We support flexible and rigid packaging that we believe can benefit from, working with NatureWorks to truly impact the challenges posed by today’s plastics and improve the environment for future generations. I am excited about the opportunity to create useful new solutions. “

According to Rich Altice, CEO of NatureWorks, the demand for sustainable products continues to grow around the world.

“For over 30 years, NatureWorks has participated in the circular economy to develop advanced biomaterials that contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Altice. “Looking ahead, we want to amplify the impact of Ingeo technology with promising new bio-based solutions, and with PHACT aPHA technology, we feel that CJBIO is an ideal partner to reach our goals. increase.”

NatureWorks and CJBIO collect feedback from existing and potential customers in a variety of applications and markets, including packaging, food service wear, and organic recycling management, and need functional product requirements in line with sustainability goals. Understand the rise of. These collaborations inform the company’s product and technology development roadmap.

The two companies state that the statement of intent is the beginning of what is expected of a long-term relationship between NatureWorks and CJ BIO and aims to sign a master collaboration agreement in the near future.

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CJ BIO and NatureWorks commercialize new biopolymer solutions

Source link CJ BIO and NatureWorks commercialize new biopolymer solutions

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