Civilic, Cullinan, 5 Brazilians, and 1 American: Newcastle Cup Men Get Serious | Newcastle Herald

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MORGAN Cibilic and Ryan Callinan wore the “Newy” flag yesterday and surfed for the quarter-final showdown. Only one person can win the magical day of the sun, sand, and waves that makes Merewether look better than the Hollywood movie set. But when Hawaii’s dominant world female champion, Carissa Moore, punted what was called the greatest aerial maneuver ever seen in women’s competitive surfing, the level of excitement I removed it from the meter late in the afternoon. That’s a big claim, but it was hard to know who was most surprised and excited when she landed it perfectly and embarked on a wild scream-a hi-fi woman with a hollow glass shorebreak. A large crowd wrapping surfing or Moore himself. Catch up with yesterday’s coverage: It wasn’t as assertive as the real reaction of the shock, as she clasped her hand in her head with a shocking surprise. Entering the air is one thing. Landing and surfing the waves was even harder and the crowd was absolutely crazy. “I felt really good, especially in the heat, I never really landed those things,” Moore said. She was chasing the French woman John Diffie before this wave, and continued to win from 17.33 to 14.1. She will face US surfer Caroline Marks in one semi and Australian Isabella Nichols and Keely Andrew in the other semi. It’s a match that is two steps too early for local supporters. In the second quarterfinal of the men’s side of the Newcastle Cup, Merewether clubmates Morgan Sybilik and Ryan Cullinan remained alongside Yank and five Brazilians, only two Australians. One needs to fall, and one has a chance to go forever, taking advantage of his semi-final look. It’s a joy and sorrow for the Merewether Surfboard Club, where members worked hard to lead the hero to victory yesterday. Craig Long, president of the Mia Weather Club, said the club is right behind both surfers. This year’s Morgan tour is the first time Merewether has rivals two championship tours since the great Luke Egan and Matt Hui ranked high in the world rankings. Civilic smashed another solid natural footer with Wade Carmichael from the Central Coast, going from 16.00 points to 10.33. Meanwhile, Cullinan won the next 16-round heat, 13.87 to 12.07, with a narrow but very clear victory over his fellow stupid-footed Owen Wright. Excited but relieved, Cullinan then said that surfing against someone who was “my hero” was “nervous.” Cullinan’s early fame came as an aerial surfer, but yesterday’s power turn was hard and super-fast, and a confrontation with the natural-footed Civilic would inevitably be a contrasting study. Filmmaker Jack McCoy performed a Civic Theater show on Thursday night with the original surfing “Raging Bull”, Mark Occhilupo. Perhaps it’s a muscular body as well as their square jaws, but Sybilik is now surfing like Ossie on the contrary. The World Surf League also praised Sybilik as “injuring his leg, creating the heat of a young career and surfing.” “His approach was rooted in surfing fundamentals-some big and powerful turns in the critical section, not manipulating on the lip-but he has such talent and confidence in it. Now he’s a form surfer for the event, “says WSL. Authorities call for a resumption today at 6:45 am. Last night’s chart showed favorable offshore winds and “smart” waves, the last days available today and tomorrow. However, if the athletes and officials did a slow surf check before hitting the pillow, they would have seen Sue Easter blowing at 11 o’clock at 30km / h at Nobbys last night somewhat unexpectedly. What you do to yesterday’s well-groomed condition depends on whether it blew all night or whether the predicted westerlies returned to clean it. Whatever happens, Swellnet predicts Monday’s surfing will be offshore and “double overhead.” It’s too late for the Newcastle Cup. But just in time for the returning locals. .. .. Less than one cup of coffee per week to subscribe to the Newcastle Cup coverage. $ 19.50 per month ($ 4.50 per week) $ 187.20 per year ($ 3.60 per week). Press the red SUBSCRIBE button on the screen. News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


Civilic, Cullinan, 5 Brazilians, and 1 American: Newcastle Cup Men Get Serious | Newcastle Herald

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