Chloasma Mustache: What Does a Girl Do?

You may not know it by name, but you may have seen the smile of a female friend darken.

Costhetics, the source of news and information about aesthetic improvement, knows that this is a problem for millions of people, especially women. I’m talking about the spotted areas of the discolored skin on the upper lip. It can range from tan to chestnut and is not so affectionately known as chloasma mustache.

If you want, we want to help you deal with your mustache … no razor needed.

Understand hyperpigmentation

To understand chloasma and its dreaded mustache, it is important to first understand hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a broad term that describes various conditions in which the skin becomes unnaturally darkened or discolored. This is caused by the overproduction of pigment-producing cells in the skin. These cells are trying to protect themselves for the following reasons:

  • UV irradiation
  • Genetics
  • Acne scars
  • Relapsed inflammation after atopic dermatitis
  • Freckles exposed to sunlight

Unfortunately, the excess pigment caused by these conditions becomes permanent like a tattoo and is absorbed deep into the non-fading skin.

What is chloasma?

Chloasma is a particular type of hyperpigmentation. It has a variety of causes, all of which are caused by sunlight and heat. Chloasma may be the result of the same factors that cause hyperpigmentation, but it is also believed to be caused by the effects of hormones from:

  • Oral contraceptives
  • Hormone therapy with estrogen or progesterone
  • pregnancy

“The problem is especially to prevent hormonal exacerbations (chloasma), because it can be difficult to get rid of the inducers,” he reports. Allure Magazine.. Yet another cause of chloasma is infrared fever. This is hard to avoid and just as hard to defend. Exposure to infrared heat can occur in hot environments such as gyms, saunas, and even hot kitchens.

Melasma pregnancy mask

Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy are often Pregnancy mask.. In addition to the mustache of chloasma, mothers usually develop brown or greyish-brown spots below.

  • amount
  • cheek
  • Nose bridge

But that’s not the only chloasma. Today we will mainly talk about chloasma, which affects the skin of the face, but this condition can occur anywhere on the body exposed to the sun.

  • neck
  • forearm
  • return
  • legs
  • chest

“Pregnancy-related chloasma is most likely to fade and improve over the course of several months,” said the Australian Dermatologist University, “often recurring in subsequent pregnancies.” Stated.

Do you have chloasma?

How do I know if I have chloasma? The condition is usually identified by a person who notices a change in the color and pattern of the pigment on the skin.This should lead to a visit to Skin care specialist in your area, Or a dermatologist, for confirmation of self-diagnosis.

“A small sample (biopsy) of the skin may be taken to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other causes of increased pigmentation.” Australian Dermatologist University. please do not worry. In the hands of experts, this process is not as scary as it sounds, and the information it reveals can be important not only for skin health, but for overall health as well.

Acquisition of chloasma: best prevention

Sunscreen is a chloasma superhero. Expert Recommendations:

  • Wide Spectrum SPF30 + Sunscreen – Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and then reapply every 2 hours. (This is good advice for everyone’s skin!)
  • Hat, sunglasses, protective clothing

These safety devices are especially important if you are taking a hormonal course.

Say goodbye to melasma mustache at home

As mentioned above, hormonal factors make melasma mustache a tough enemy. There are home solutions that include prescription creams. Talk to your dermatologist or doctor to learn more about proven melasma-fighting ingredients, including:

  • Hydroquinone
  • Kojic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Licorice extract

How Experts Treat Chloasma Mustache

Professionally administered treatments that provide longer-term results, including melasma patches, include:

  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peeling
  • Topical bleach

A well-trained and experienced practitioner is the key to successfully treating melasma mustache and skin hyperpigmentation. Those who are familiar with a variety of treatments can create special treatment plans or combination plans that can include the skin as well as the laser. People who are not properly trained may actually give treatment that exacerbates the problem.

Most doctors say that a minimum of 3 months of treatment is required for optimal results. Follow-up treatment every 6 months may be required to maintain results.

Does the mustache of chloasma darken the lips and mood? Costhetics can help. Please contact our team To find a doctor near you.

Chloasma Mustache: What Does a Girl Do?

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