China’s official Hu Bin Chen wins major Interpol post

It called on countries with extradition treaties between China and Hong Kong to revoke them immediately. Australia has not signed an extradition treaty with Beijing after the Liberal Party blocked extradition attempts when Malcolm Turnbull was prime minister.

At Interpol, we asked the Australian Federal Police, which represents Australia, for comment.

The UK has also won a seat on the Executive Committee, an internal governing body, rather than the governing body of an international anti-crime organization.

Earlier, Interpol’s General Assembly elected Ahmed Nacelle al-Raisi from the United Arab Emirates as the new president of the organization.

Prior to a carefully watched vote on Thursday, Interpol’s Executive Secretary eased concerns about the misuse of the Red Notice, saying repeated attempts to arrest political opponents of the administration were unacceptable. I tried.

“The power of Red Notice lies in our membership and the trust of the decision makers in it,” he said.

“To undermine that credibility is to undermine the entire Interpol. Our constitution is clear-the” widest possible mutual aid “and” universal declaration of human rights “by the criminal police, or our neutrality. There is no trade-off between

“As defined by the General Assembly, the Secretariat enforces the rules. Requests that do not fit within those boundaries do not belong to Interpol-they are rejected,” he said.

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China’s official Hu Bin Chen wins major Interpol post

Source link China’s official Hu Bin Chen wins major Interpol post

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