China sends three to new space station

China will send three astronauts to an unfinished space station. Among them, the first female crew member, who will be staying for six months, will visit the space station.

This will be the second of four planned crew missions to the station, due to be completed by the end of next year.

The Shenzhou 13 spacecraft will be launched Saturday at 12:23 am Beijing time, Lin Xiqiang, a spokesman for the Chinese manned space program, told reporters.

According to Lin, 55-year-old Zhai Zhigang, who became the first astronaut trainee in China in the late 1990s, will be the mission commander for Shenzhou 13.

Wang Yaping (41 years old) and Ye Guangfu (41 years old) will accompany Chai.

Wang will be the first female astronaut to visit a train station in China.

“We will undoubtedly encounter not only physical and psychological problems, but also equipment and equipment related problems,” Zhai told repeaters Thursday.

“The success of our flight mission depends on our team, our tenacious will, and the fighting spirit of our three crew members.”

Known as Shenzhou 13 which means “Shenzhou” in Chinese, it is the second space mission of Zai and Wang and the first mission of Ye.

China began construction of what will be its first permanent space station in April. The Tianhe is the first and largest of the three modules in the station.

When the space station is completed, Tenwa, which is slightly larger than the city bus, will become a residential area.

The three crew members of the previous Shenzhou 12 mission stayed in Tenwa for 90 days from June to September.

China sends three to new space station

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