Charlie Theo breaks silence with an emotional post about Perth’s “Miracle Girl” Amelia “Milli” Lucas

Controversial neurosurgeon Charlie Teo compared himself to an “elite athlete” in a moving compliment to neurosurgeons and a teenage patient he called a “miracle girl.”

Former Australian of the Year finalists Conditions were imposed About his medical registration last year after receiving a complaint from a colleague.

Prior to his medical practice review, Dr. Theo has built his reputation by operating on people with incurable or inoperable brain cancer.

One of his most famous patients was Amelia “Milli” Lucas, a 14-year-old girl from Perth. He crowdfunded $ 170,000 to provide Dr. Theo’s services and flew to Sydney for surgery.

Camera iconDr. Charlie Theo wrote a moving compliment to 14-year-old Miri Lucas. credit: News Corp Australia

Dr. Theo welcomed her as follows: His “miracle girl” After he successfully removed 98 percent of life-threatening brain tumors through experimental surgery.

In a long social media post, Dr. Theo discussed Miri’s “simple but enlightening” heritage to raise money for his eponymous brain tumor charity.

“There is nothing worse than the death of a child,” he wrote.

Through her ongoing fight against cancer that killed her in January 2021, he said teens are “an exceptional example of how to get the most out of your life.” rice field.

“When faced with adversity, you can be angry, resentful, bitter and consumed, or accept the hands you are given out and get the most out of what you have,” he said. Said.

“(Miri) was a charming and beautiful soul. Every time I met her, she always smiled. I loved her with all my heart.”

Dr. Theo operates on the patient.
Camera iconDr. Theo operates on the patient. credit: News Corp Australia
Miri Lucas underwent two surgeries by Dr. Theo.
Camera iconMiri Lucas underwent two surgeries by Dr. Theo. credit: News Corp Australia

According to Dr. Theo, brain tumors are the most deadly disease for Australian children, but research is severely underfunded.

“It has a significant socio-economic impact on our society as a murderer of children and adolescents, but the government has not invested research funding,” he writes.

“Brain tumors are not common cancers, so simply put, they won’t win the vote.”

A prominent neurosurgeon sought donations to his charity, the Charlie Teo Foundation. The Charlie Theo Foundation said it is dedicated to funding “urgently needed” research on brain tumors.

“It’s unfair that children like Miri are dying and there is no cure for them,” he said.

“I don’t want to tell another parent,’I can’t save your child.’ “

In a social media post, Dr. Theo talked about his passion for neurosurgery and admitted that it was “not an easy path.”

Specialist Doctor Portrait
Camera iconDr. Theo said brain tumors are the most deadly disease for children.Sam Lutein credit: News Corp Australia

Despite the initial anxieties about the field of neurosurgery, which he said was “feared,” he said he was obsessed with room for growth.

“I checked all the boxes that it’s incredibly challenging, and you could still be a pioneer in neurosurgery because many aren’t yet known,” he writes. rice field.

Surgeons compared themselves to “elite athletes” who tried to achieve the same focus and desire in a much higher stake environment.

“I think it’s one of the most physically and mentally burdensome disciplines in the medical field,” he writes.

“It’s not completely tolerant. There’s no room for error.”

Neurosurgeon made a headline when slapped last August Restrictions About his medical registration.

Following complaints from his colleagues, the New South Wales Medical Council has banned Dr. Theo from performing high-risk surgery without written approval from a second independent neurosurgeon.

Dr. Theo said the funding for brain tumors was inadequate.
Camera iconDr. Theo said the funding for brain tumors was inadequate. credit: News Corp Australia

Colleagues have at least 20 years of experience and need to assess whether Dr. Theo properly explained the risks and obtained financial consent from the patient. The Medical Council also requested Dr. Theo to submit a monthly report detailing his surgery.

The limit I will stay there until at least September 30th of this year.

The post revealed that the Charlie Theo Foundation, which boasts famous ambassadors such as surfer Kelly Slater and Australian test cricket player Steve Smith, will solicit tax-deductible donations by the end of the fiscal year. This is because we are aiming for.

Charlie Theo breaks silence with an emotional post about Perth’s “Miracle Girl” Amelia “Milli” Lucas

Source link Charlie Theo breaks silence with an emotional post about Perth’s “Miracle Girl” Amelia “Milli” Lucas

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