Charles sees the country abandon the Queen

The Prince of Wales is a ceremony commemorating the transition of the Caribbean country to the Republic, highlighting the common goals and lasting ties between Barbados and the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles also said that attending this event, which is being performed in the capital Bridgetown, is “important” to “reaffirm what remains the same” when major constitutional amendments take place. I will tell you.

Barbados will begin a new chapter in history on Tuesday (local time) (55th anniversary of independence from the United Kingdom) after the inauguration of the first president, Dame Sandra Mason, so the successor to the throne will address midnight.

Barbados decision Remove the Queen from the Head of State Especially in the Caribbean, it is carefully watched by other members of the Federation.

At the ceremony at National Hero’s Square, Charles is expected to say:

He includes “a close and credible partnership between Barbados and the United Kingdom as an important member of the Commonwealth” and “our common determination to uphold the values ​​we value and pursue our goals”. Here are some examples of relationships that will continue. We will share. “

The prince is also expected to celebrate the cultural, social and economic ties between Britain and Barbados.

Barbados is following other Caribbean countries that have exempted the Queen as head of state. Guyana became a republic in 1970, Trinidad and Tobago followed in 1976, and Dominican Republic went two years later.

Jamaica also shows that it wants an elected head of state.

The Queen has been the head of state of Barbados since her independence in 1966. But the issue of becoming a republic has been debated for decades.

Barbados is one of the Queen’s 16 territories and the country in which she is the head of state. In the Caribbean, other countries include Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent.


Charles sees the country abandon the Queen

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