Changes that Queensland should make to Game 2

It is impossible to describe the disappointment you felt at the end of Game 1 in words.

The once-in-a-lifetime match in Townsville, which has created many legends in Queensland, is ruined by Maroon’s poor appearance, which looked more like a clubside struggle than a sunshine-filled national team. Was made. The most impressive player in the state.

Some players worked hard to get Queensland back into the game, but there were many who performed really worthless. Here are the changes that Queensland should make to win Game 2.

Full back
I love Valentine Holmes and his passion was evident in his performance, but he needed a stronger fullback to provide the threat of a powerful attack. AJ Brimson wasted off the bench in Game 1 and played in just 16 minutes and ran only 5 meters. If Karimponga can’t play in Brisbane, Brimson definitely needs to regain the number one jersey.

Expected full back: AJ Brimson

Alternative option: Valentine Holmes

It’s hard to find a debate about why you need to keep Kylefeld and Xavier Coates. Both were completely winning in the opposite number, and unless they had a great shape in Clubland, they would be under great pressure to maintain their place.

When Brimson played a fullback, Val Holmes returned straight to the wing and played very well in past series. Other wing spots have several options.

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I think it is very likely that Xavier Coates will be retained, despite his inadequate efforts in Townsville. Philip Sami is back in the fight with a solid first and second game last year. A potential bolter is the cowboys winger Mareta Uragi. He demonstrated an amazing level of skill this year, scoring nine tries in 10 games, including a hat-trick against the Knights of Round 11.

Predicted Wings: Valentine Homes, Xavier Coates

Alternative options: Philip Sami, Mareta Uragi

This is a real concern for Queensland. Dane Gagai wasn’t in the best condition and Kurt Capewell lost to Tom Toboevich. Gagai has repeatedly proven to be able to become a Queensland game changer and be retained. Kurt Capewell is 100% on the team, but he is currently out of position and may be well suited to get off the bench as an impact player.

The main obstacle to this is the lack of depth in the heart of Queensland. If Ponga is right to play, Brimson could potentially enter the center. Alternatively, the selector can look to former Maroon Will Chambers and Justin O’Neill, or the knight Cartman. All three of these players have had a significant career in the center and are in good shape at this point.

The real leftfield option I may want to see or hate is the return of Car Michael Hunt. He has recently returned to the rugby league with AFL and rugby union, but has experience in big games as Dual Code International. This is a very unlikely scenario, but it’s definitely a scenario that adds a new layer to the series.

Predicted Center: Daingagai, Kurt Capewell

Alternative options: Will Chambers, Justin O’Neill, Cartman, Car Michael Hunt

This is easy. Cam Munster and Daly Cherry-Evans need to remain half-partners. simple.

Maroon's Cameron Münster is watching the next game 1

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The loss of Christian Welch to HIA early in the match did not help Maroon. He is a very important player on that side, especially with the pressure to kick Nathan Cleary. If he is healthy, he should keep his place aside.

Josh Papalii will also be back straight. He is one of Maroon’s most experienced players and brings the passion known to Origin. If Christian Welch is not suitable, Tinofaas Amaleaui or Moeakifotu Aika will take his place. Fotuaika is arguably the best player in Game 1 in Queensland and deserves a starting point.

Expected Props: Christian Welch, Josh Papary

Alternative options: Moeaki Fotuaika, Tino Fa’asuamaleaui

Harry Grant played well given that he had been injured for several weeks. He needs to maintain his position, especially when Reed Mahoney has a shoulder injury. All you need to grant is a bench backup.

Predicted whore: Harry Grant

Second row
Felise Kaufusi and David Fitita were well below the best, but we all know what they can do, so definitely keep their spot. The only other person who could be involved in the conflict is Kurt Capewell when moving from the center.

Predicted second rower: Felise Kaufusi, David Fifita

David Fifita

(Photo by Mark Kolbe / Getty Images)

Jay Arrow is below average in Game 1 and is at risk of losing his position, especially with the return of Paparie. If I were a selector, I would move Tino Fa’asuamaleaui to lock it and push Arrow into the bench or, in some cases, completely remove it from the side.

Expected Rock: Tino Fa’asuamaleaui

In Game 1, the benches were poor, with the exception of Moe Fotuaika. AJ Brimson is likely to move to full back, opening a bench utility spot.

Ben Hunt is a natural choice, but the possibility of Cartman coming to the bench is interesting. He has played all backline positions throughout his career and played well in Hooker when he replaced Jayden Brailey, who was injured last year. Nevertheless, I believe Paul Green will go with Hunt, who was solid in last year’s series.

When it comes to bench forwards, Joe Ofaengaue should lose his place. He has just created a game team and will be pushed out of the side with the return of Paparie. Fotuaika provides welch play to maintain the bench spot.

Jaydn Su’A could lose to Capewell or Cohenhes. Cohenjes was in great shape for the Cowboys, playing on the edge or in the middle and on the Game 1 expansion team.

Predicted benches: Ben Hunt, Jaydn Su’A, Moeaki Fotuaika, Coen Hess

Prediction team
1. AJ Brimson
2. Xavier Coates
3. Cart Cape Well
4. Dane Gagai
5. Valentine Homes
6. Cameron Münster
7. Daily Cherry Evans
8. Christian Welch
9. Harry Grant
10. Josh Papary
11. Felise Kaufusi
12. David Fifita
13. Tino Fa’asuamaleaui
14. Ben Hunt
15. Jaydn Su’A
16. Moa Kifotsu Aika
17. Cohen Hess
18. Cartman

Changes that Queensland should make to Game 2

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