CBA-owned Doshii expands market share

POS FinTech Frustrating After welcoming 35 new team members from May, we are preparing to launch an “exciting update”.

Doshii was snapped to CBA’s technology hub X15ventures earlier this year after detailing its ambitions to become a staple of digital hospitality space.

CEO Justin O’Donnell said iTnews FinTech has completed the first round of its scale-up plan, which “mainly focuses on ensuring sufficient bandwidth to meet customer demand.”

“35 new team members are joining us and we’re starting to see the benefits of this investment,” said O’Donnell.

“I’m currently switching to a second stage of scale that focuses on business expansion and market differentiation.

“We are committed to extending the ecosystem and servicing hospitality merchants across app and point-of-sale integrations.”

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sauce: CBA-owned Doshii-Finance-Strategy-Software-iTnews to Build Market Share

CBA-owned Doshii expands market share

Source link CBA-owned Doshii expands market share

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