Cate Campbell says Australian swimmers can fire under pressure

Australian head coach Rohan Taylor has admitted that it is a “big call” and can rob the team of the coveted individual money. But he supports McKean’s brain credibility and makes the right call as she is now all-in to her favorite backstroke event.

“We made that decision because we felt that the heat of the medley and the clash between the heat of the medley and the 100m final the next day could be a challenge for her. Her coach made that decision with her. I did, “said Taylor.

“that is [a huge call]… but there are newcomers to the Olympics. It’s a big call and they’ve been experiencing it for months. I respect the decisions, they focus on backstroke and medley relay.

“There is a 100m back heat, then a 100m back semi-heat, then there is a 200m IM heat that night, and the next morning is the 100m back final. That night, it’s the heat, possibly midnight. Will be [lack of] Sleep before going back 100 meters, it’s a tight event.

“They want to make sure she’s sharp or at their best. You wouldn’t expect another 100m backstroke player to swim that night. They’re a resting village. I’ll be back. “


The story quickly moved to the legendary American-Australian confrontation in the pool, a recent one-sided incident. This time around, the difference between the medal tables shouldn’t be too noticeable, especially supported by a deep and talented women’s team and strong relays.

But as always, it comes with an “if”, one Taylor knows too well. Americans rarely go out into the game and trip over their lines. He said Australians must be keen from the start to grow beyond world-leading athletes such as McKeon, Alien Titoms, Emma McKeon and Elijah Winnington.

“Americans have historically proved to be successful in the Olympics. That’s the standard we’re aiming for. We haven’t fully realized our potential for three years. The reason we shifted the exam earlier was to try to find a way to compete, “says Taylor.

“On paper, it looks like we are (filling the gap), but it’s about who has a competitive IQ to run under pressure. The American system is competitive. Raise athletes with. When they appear, they know how to race. “

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Cate Campbell says Australian swimmers can fire under pressure

Source link Cate Campbell says Australian swimmers can fire under pressure

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