Catalano’s scales up WA seafood to bring to supermarkets nationwide

Image Credit: Catalano’s Seafood.

Catalano’s Seafood, one of Western Australia’s leading seafood companies, is about to make its debut on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), expanding its business and expanding its nationwide retail supply footprint. I am.

The family-owned company will launch an initial public offering (IPO) to raise more than $ 5 million before Christmas and will debut in late February.

According to CEO Nick Catalano, the listing of ASX will help the company achieve its bold growth plan of supplying higher quality WA-produced seafood nationwide and exporting it within its niche retail segment.

“The waters of Western Australia and northern Australia are home to the world’s most diverse and sustainable range of wild fish and shellfish, and are produced at the highest standards in the world,” said Catalano. ..

“Our industry is in the box sheet to further develop the wild catch and aquaculture fishing sector and sustainably meet growing seafood demand.”

Catalano, who has been in charge of the business since 1985, said the investment plans of seafood companies are aimed at three pillars of growth strategies across the processing, retail and distribution sectors.

“There are more than 2,000 independent supermarkets across Australia,” he said. “We are seeing a great opportunity to put Western Australian seafish in many of them. Investment in dedicated equipment to expand processing capacity has begun at the Bassendean facility. Here, retail We process and package a variety of branded seafood products and our own branded seafood for WA’s leading fisheries and fish farms.

“Another priority is to deploy a pioneering seafood management system (SMS) in a more independent supermarket and expand our trading network.”

Catalano’s is also poised to increase shrimp production by regaining processing from overseas competitors.

This business model is independent of a single species or source and is underpinned by product development capabilities, strong relationships and partnerships developed in all fisheries over the last 50 years.

Catalano’s entered the seafood market after the patriarch Francesco Catalano purchased the Cunnington fish and chips store in 1969. Since then, it has developed wholesale and retail supply lines, expanded its processing facilities and moved to Bassendean, one of the few paid processing facilities. Nationwide – and employs more than 70 people.

The Catalano brand not only operates its own three retail stores, but also has inventory in over 50 independent supermarkets, including an increasing number of IGA’s categorically licensed seafood divisions.

Catalano’s scales up WA seafood to bring to supermarkets nationwide

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