Carly Soderstrom: Virus business owner rebelling against her $ 400,000 debt

Carly Soderstrom was spread by word of mouth in a video attacking the blockade. The supporters quickly raised $ 60,000 for her, but a background check revealed the problem.

After her heartfelt video of the blockade’s despair became viral, the small business crusade, which received more than $ 60,000 from a sympathetic Australian, was accused of having already broken before the pandemic.

However, Curly Soderstrom, who counts friends and acquaintances among the people, rebelled that “there is a liquidation so that people can rebuild” when she borrowed a total of $ 380,000 after her business was dissolved. Said.

Victorian photographer and designer Soderstrom caught the attention of the national media this month when he posted a video about “stress, destruction, anxiety, and devastation” at the state’s fifth blockade. rice field.

Victorian buddies launched the GoFundMe page and soared to $ 60,604 before it was suddenly stopped.

Soderstrom, 35, who was a sole proprietor of photography and fashion design in Torquay, 100km southwest of Melbourne, claimed to have been abandoned by the government because of her circumstances.

“I’m a sole proprietor. I work in the creative industry. I’m single and live in Victoria,” she said in a video.

“For all these reasons, I couldn’t get any help.”

However, Soderstrom’s complaint, which triggered an online fundraiser, elicited people who claimed she was borrowing money from them, saying that her business had already gone bankrupt before Covid-19 reached Australia. Insisted.

And after shedding tears on channel 9 Current events Where she collapsed, Ms. Soderstrom has now come out saying that the liquidation of her business has helped people move forward and clear their debts.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) Soderstrom’s Business 21, 15 and 9 records show that they were put under control in January 2020.

The business had more than $ 400,000 in debt, most of which was owed to unsecured creditors, including a friend and a man who lent $ 220,000 to Ms. Soderstrom.

One woman said Current events She lent $ 10,000 to Soderstrom from a mortgage to help launch the clothing label “Kobey,” which sold a $ 180 hoodie.

Brittany Hayes said ACA She was to support her “dream” and lent her money after being told she no longer believed in Mr. Soderstrom’s story.

Ms. Soderstrom, who cries, told the program that she had been “threatening murder” by “people who say I’m a scammer.”

when When I asked Ms. Soderstrom for a reply, she was directed to a statement posted on her Instagram page on Saturday night.

In a statement, Ms. Soderstrom said it wasn’t her fault that the video spread by word of mouth, and that the liquidation of her business meant that she would run out of debt.

“A few weeks ago, a social media post I created was spread by word of mouth. This was unintentional,” Soderstrom wrote.

“There is a business that has failed in the past. I have never tried to hide it. I spoke openly about this … many times.

“People lost a lot of money when our plans, including me, failed.

“I’m very sorry for the people who worked with me on the venture that didn’t work.

“Understand … the people who lost money are not’my debtors’. Yes, they lost money. We all did.

“But if people try to build a business with money and fail, what happens next is called liquidation.

“Clearing is terrible to be part of it, but it exists so that people can reduce their losses and start rebuilding.

“The debt will be extinguished by the liquidation when the business is extinguished.”

Apart from emphasizing that she is a single and sole proprietor in a viral video, Ms. Soderstrom also said that government aid “cannot feed herself … or pay for the roof above my head.” I complained that I didn’t consider it “I can’t pay.”

Josh Reed Jones, founder of the Just Beanies Project, said in the video that Ms. Soderstrom claimed to be “a representative of small businesses and everyone.”

He said he did this “while paying $ 400,000 in early 2020 when entering one of the most difficult economic periods for many families, individuals and small businesses.”

“After liquidating a company that was buying things or couldn’t pay $ 400,000 to the company, I reached out to my pocket and demanded money from those who contributed,” Jones said. Said.

“I think there are so many people and so many places to benefit from it.”

Carly Soderstrom: Virus business owner rebelling against her $ 400,000 debt

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