Car bomb kills eight people in Somalia’s capital

Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab was behind an attack targeting a fleet entering the palace, with a suicide car bomb killing at least eight people at an intersection near the presidential residence in the Somali capital, police said. rice field. ..

Police spokesperson Abdifata Aden Hassan told reporters that some of the casualties were taken away by relatives at the scene of the blast on Saturday, which could lead to more casualties.

“Al-Shabaab is behind the explosion. They killed eight people, including a soldier, a mother and two children. Al-Shabaab slaughtered civilians,” he said.

Government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moarimu said some of the murdered people were Hibak Abkar, an adviser to women and human rights issues at Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s office.

“She was one of the pillars of PM’s women’s problem,” he said in his Facebook account.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Abkar was in the convoy or if she happened to be nearby when the explosion occurred.

Al-Shabaab confirmed that it was behind the attack. Groups that want to overthrow the government and impose their own rigorous interpretation of Islamic law frequently carry out such bombings.

“Mujahid, who is driving a suicide car bomb, targeted a convoy of cars entering the (President’s) palace,” Al Shabab military operations spokesman Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters on the phone.

Reuters witnesses at the scene of the attack reported seeing the blast destroy seven cars and three rickshaws and cover the entire joint with blood.

Car bomb kills eight people in Somalia’s capital

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