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“Can’t sink” Biden administration “Sinks like Titanic”

According to Sky News host James Morrow, the Biden administration is sinking as the president’s approval rate drops as ordinary Americans flick Joe.

“In the latest Zogby poll, Joe Biden’s approval has dropped to just 36 percent,” Morrow said.

“The president’s administration is’sinking like Titanic’, pollster John Zogby.

“Of course, experts said this couldn’t sink.”

Moreau said it wasn’t just ordinary Americans who gave Biden a “flick.”

“Even big Democrats and former Obama administration officials are unloading old Joe,” he said.

“In a 60 Minutes episode airing on Sunday night, Barack Obama’s former Defense Minister reportedly made him” physically ill “after seeing Biden’s blunder in Afghanistan. “

“Can’t sink” Biden administration “Sinks like Titanic”

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