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A roundtable meeting convened by the new Commonwealth Minister of Education Jason Clare on 12 August will bring together Ministers of Education, educators and principals to discuss Initial Teacher Education (ITE) proposals by NSW Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell.

Piloted for five years in the Hunter region and other hubs across the country, the model involved part-time employment in a local school within months of completing a degree, and was recruited by an established teacher within the school. I teach students who are closely supervised.

Similar to the clinical model, teaching students is community-embedded from the start with the aim of attracting and retaining future teachers within the community.

Regional Education Hub

Alphacrucis University College offers higher teacher training programs and operates educational hubs in dozens of schools across the country.

Designed to ‘turn the classroom upside down’, students can spend more time in a real classroom early in their degree than in a traditional university.

Carmen Nash, Recruitment and Liaison Coordinator for Catholic Education Wilcannia-Forbes (CEWF), outlines the benefits the hub has given the wider remote/rural community.

“The staffing crisis is felt nationwide, but the farther west you go, the more impact it will have. through establishment.”

“This new approach to teacher education upends the traditional model of teacher training by introducing nationally accredited higher education into our own school communities.”

Nash explains that trainee teachers are employed at Teacher Aids schools one day a week.

In addition to school-based mentors for additional support, they also meet once a week with the Educational School Manager via Zoom for insight sessions. their fellows.

Anna Plant, teacher training school coordinator at the Ministry of Christian Education (CEM), believes teacher retention is a major issue that needs to be addressed. He said that he feels the problem of , especially in casual teacher spaces:

“We are planning for anticipated future shortages…and have chosen to partner with Alphacrucis University College to take responsibility for teacher training.”

Bishop Druitt College is also part of the Teaching Hub, which Johnston sees as a logical step forward alongside traditional college placements. Principal Nick Johnstone said the situation leading to teacher shortages is complex and multifaceted, citing declining numbers of young teachers, educational conditions and wages, professionalism and compliance requirements, excessive governance, and escalating communication demands. I am listing.

“The role of schools, and therefore teachers, in solving social problems is growing and needs to be addressed, coupled with increasing levels of compliance and bureaucratic paperwork.”

Nash said, “Sarah Mitchell’s recent comments demonstrate the need for a national approach to Australia’s teacher supply, with a focus on modernizing the profession through new and innovative thinking about ITE. It’s very encouraging and very hopeful when you think about it.”

“The model we have adopted through our education school hubs works. hoping.”

School News will continue to report on the topic and upcoming roundtables in the coming weeks.

Can Hospitals Help Address Teacher Shortages? – School News

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