Cambera records 13 new COVID-19 cases

ACT recorded 13 new cases of COVID-19.

It is in the midst of a surge in the number of tests in Canberra’s clinic and a long wait of about three hours.

Hospitalization for the virus is stable and three patients are being treated.

No one is using an intensive care unit or a ventilator.

Immunization levels increased slightly to 98.4 percent of residents over the age of 12.

The number of active cases increased from 103 on the previous day to 112.

A 4025 COVID-19 test was conducted at a government-run clinic 24 hours a day, Monday until 9 am.

Many clinics report a recent surge in large-scale testing caused by an increase in Omicron cases in other jurisdictions and travel requirements.

Cambera records 13 new COVID-19 cases

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