Call for better support for GPs suffering from an increase in Covid-19

According to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) state branch, Queensland physicians need better information and support as the number of cases of Covid-19 continues to grow.

GPs face the major challenge of knowing how best to treat patients, especially to prevent the state from migrating and hospitalizing more people.

Pharmaceutical representatives are looking for a dedicated hotline to help doctors get immediate advice on the best treatment options.

“With Covid’s cases spread across the state, the GP is ready to help manage patients outside the hospital,” said Crisperly, president of AMA Queensland.

“But especially in rural and rural areas, we need a dedicated line where the GP can get quick advice if the patient is getting worse or needs immediate transfer to the hospital.”

Camera iconCrispery, president of Queensland AMA, says a dedicated hotline is needed to help the GP guide the outbreak of Covid.Photo, John Gus credit: News Corp Australia

“Currently, general practitioners can call the local public health department, but the doctors there are already flat and we can wait for a long time,” AMA Queensland said. Maria Boulton, Chairman of the General Health Council, said.

“When a patient is sitting in front of us, or still answering for a telemedicine consultation, we need to be able to pick up the phone and get immediate advice.”

Queensland recorded 2222 new cases on Thursday, with a total of more than 8,500 active cases.

Exhausted doctor
Camera iconQueensland doctors are trying to put them under pumps as Covid’s cases increase and the state moves to prevent more people from being hospitalized. credit: supply

Queensland Health is finalizing plans to keep Covid-19 patients as low as possible. It will take effect from mid-January to late January.

However, Dr. Bolton said better assurance is needed regarding the level of personal protective equipment (PPE), rapid antigen testing, and other resources provided to the GP to treat Covid-positive patients.

“We also need local and local communities to have the supplies and workforce needed to control the outbreak of Covid,” said Dr. Boulton.

“Queensland is Australia’s most decentralized state, and one GP could be the only medical service for hundreds of people. Healthcare workers in our area are the community. You need to provide the right resources so that you can take care of them. “

Call for better support for GPs suffering from an increase in Covid-19

Source link Call for better support for GPs suffering from an increase in Covid-19

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