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Brittany Higgins partner David Sharaz quits his job and talks about rape charges

A partner of the liberal staff Brittany Higgins was forced to resign from his job for fear that the Morrison government would punish the company in which he works by destroying government contacts.

Former press gallery journalist David Sharaz, who worked for Sky News and SBS before joining the media surveillance company this year, said he admitted he could no longer continue his role.

Mr Sharaz said his boss was supportive and gave him a vacation to help Higgins last week, but admitted that his work, including seeking a contract with the government, was no longer tolerable.

In an exclusive claim to last Monday, Ms. Higgins claims she was raped by a colleague at the minister’s parliamentary office in March 2019...

Higgins claims he was forced to choose between his job and seeking justice.

Mr Sharaz said the decision to resign “has no regrets” for standing beside Mr Higgins and supporting her fight for justice.

“I have no regrets about choosing to support my partner, and I will continue to do so,” he told

“The criteria you pass by are the criteria you accept. Being supportive is the least that I, or any other partner of the victim’s survivor, can do.

“Britany-and many others are worth better.”

Fallout is the result of both Higgins, who quit his job earlier this month before talking about her, and her partner, Sharaz, being made public in an explanation of her miserable rape at the Capitol. It means that you are unemployed.

media_cameraBoth Brittany Higgins and David Charaz have quit their jobs due to their dropout from rape charges.

Last week, Ms. Higgins accused the Morrison administration of having a background in her partner. The partner also worked for the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet last year for about three months.

Mr. Sharaz recently mentioned fallout in his personal Twitter account.

“Let’s take some time to praise the strong women who support Brittany Higgins,” he tweeted.

“Thanks to journalists who have taken a personal background to hurt her loved ones but have not put up with the Prime Minister’s Office’s public support for her.”

Last week, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said he was “unaware” of allegations of engaging in “dirty” tactics after the Prime Minister’s Office was allegedly raped inside the Capitol, but Scott Morrison took action. I’m convinced that I’m not tolerant.

David Sharaz stands by Brittany Higgins.
media_cameraDavid Sharaz stands by Brittany Higgins.

Network Ten’s chief political editor, Peter Van Onselen, told ABC Thursday that PMO staff were engaged in a “dirty” campaign against men.

“The Prime Minister’s Office backgrounds that because he is a former civil servant, her current partner is taking revenge, or dissatisfaction may be a better way to put it against the government. “He said.

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister filed a claim in the Senate on Thursday, asking: “Will the Prime Minister investigate the allegations that his staff backgrounded journalists against Mr. Higgins? If the allegations were proved, what would be the consequences of this action?”

“I was unaware that such an activity was taking place,” Birmingham said.

“I will address those issues to the Prime Minister. I am confident that he is not tolerant of such activities.”

However, Morrison faced a predicament from several Labor backbenchers demanding that Higgins’ partners “stop the background.”

at first Brittany Higgins partner says

Brittany Higgins partner David Sharaz quits his job and talks about rape charges

Source link Brittany Higgins partner David Sharaz quits his job and talks about rape charges

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