Britney’s “horrible” power of attorney is over

Britney Spears says she’s “sick” of the system that allowed her life and career to go out of her control for 13 years.

A 39-year-old pop superstar admitted that he was “afraid to do something wrong” when the controversial power of attorney ended, and if he had interviewed him, “The Lord is me.” Please have mercy on the soul of your family. “

Spears is at the forefront of regaining responsibility for her work for the first time since the court disqualified her in 2008 after she suffered from a series of memory weaknesses.

The power of attorney (a complex legal arrangement usually reserved for the very elderly and the sick) may end before the beginning of the year.

In a long Instagram post, Spears shared her anxiety with the prospect of eventually regaining control of her life.

“To be honest, I’ve been waiting for you to be released from the situation I’m in … and I’m here now, so I’m afraid to do something, so I’m wrong !!! “She wrote.

“For years I was always told that if things succeeded, it could end … and it never happened !!! I worked hard, but now here I’m very happy because I’m nearing the end, but there’s a lot to scare me !!! “

Spears accused the paparazzi of chasing her with “creepy” behavior while driving near the school.

She writes: “I don’t like them trying to scare me out … they seem to want me to do something crazy !!!

“So, as I said I’m afraid to do something wrong … so I wouldn’t post too much to the world where being free is our freedom, that’s a shame !! I started experiencing it when I got it It’s been 13 years since I first held the key to my car 4 months ago !!!! “

And Spears talked about her aversion to the California legal system, which allowed her to be under the power of attorney for a long time.

“I haven’t done anything to be treated like I have for the last 13 years !!! I’m sick of the system and wish I lived in another country !!! “

Spears also returned to a feud with her family who had previously accused her of not doing enough to help her.

She has been in dispute with her father, Jamie, who put her under protection and ran her life for over a decade.

He was expelled in September from his role in overseeing his daughter’s money after Spears begged the judge in the case.

The singer, who shared a picture of the Christmas tree with her post, said: It’s a good idea … and it’s no secret that I’ve experienced it in the past … so I might have to do something a little different !!!

“If I interview, the Lord should have mercy on the soul of my family !!! In the meantime …

“I avoid all the businesses I’ve ever known in my life … that’s why it’s so confusing to me !!! Anyway … God blesses all of you !!! “

Spears, who haven’t played since 2018, is one of the biggest attractions of pop music.

The next hearing as her guardian is scheduled for next month.

Britney’s “horrible” power of attorney is over

Source link Britney’s “horrible” power of attorney is over

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