Britney Spears “wants” her lawyer to free her from power of attorney

Britney Spears “very hopes” that her new lawyer will be able to get her out of the power of attorney.

The 39-year-old singer decided to end the power of attorney in 2008 and is now involved in a legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears.

Last week, Britney was granted permission to hire her own lawyer to represent her after the resignation of court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham, and sources said she was her new lawyer, Matthew. In her case Rosengart said she was confident that she could help her victory.


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The insider said: She is very much looking forward to her new lawyer being able to end the guardianship system. “

The “toxic” singer has also recently been granted permission to drive again within her reserve and is said to be “ecstatic” about “the help she is receiving now.”

People Magazine Source: “Britney is very pleased that the guardianship system allows her to drive. She is ecstatic and appreciates all the support she currently receives.”

Camera iconBritney Spears is depicted with his father, Jamie. credit: Instagram/Instagram

Rosengert said this week that he would “act aggressively” to ensure that client protection ends.

Britney, in particular, wants to make sure that his father, Jamie Spears, who previously controlled all aspects of the power of attorney, now oversees only her finances.

“My company and I have to file a petition to dismiss Jamie Spears unless Jamie Spears first resigns,” Rosengart told reporters outside the Stanley Mosque Court in Los Angeles. It’s moving aggressively and quickly. “

Britney Spears.
Camera iconBritney Spears. credit: Chris Pizzello/AP

Last month, Britney claimed that her parents left her “traumatic” and “depressed,” and she called on her father, Jamie, to be imprisoned.

She said: “They force me to go to a treatment and psychiatrist three times a week.

“I really believe this guardianship system is abusive. I don’t think I can live a full life. In the meantime, I want this therapist to come to my house, I don’t want to go to West Lake … they lift me up by sending me to the most exposed places they set up. I need your help.

“Anyone involved in this conservation effort, including my father and my management … they should be put in jail.”

Britney Spears “wants” her lawyer to free her from power of attorney

Source link Britney Spears “wants” her lawyer to free her from power of attorney

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