Britney Spears fans panic after pop star “disappearance”


Britney Spears panicked fans when he disappeared from the social media platform Instagram on Wednesday morning.

Pop superstars have used this account to communicate with millions of global supporters and have played an important role in the #freebritney movement.

The 39-year-old evaluated the platform as a place to share her elements and said she helped fight to end her protection.

Britney Spears’ last Instagram post before the account was invalidated. Photo: Twitter

So when fans noticed Spears disappeared from their Instagram feed, they immediately panicked.

The Spears Room, a fan account that claims to be “a daily source of everything about the undisputed princess of pop, Britney Spears,” drew attention to its disappearance.

Her account claimed to be “randomly deleted”, suggesting that it could be a “danger signal.”

“This may be a red flag, as her Instagram was a way to let fans know she’s okay. Her last post was to thank the #FreeBritney movement,” wrote The Spears Room.

I asked my followers to reply with #WhereisBritney and collected hundreds of retweets. Hashtags enjoyed short-term trends online.

Tweet Cup Storm?

But only a few hours later, Spears poured cold water into a lively debate about her whereabouts and well-being.

“Don’t worry about people … just a short break from social media to celebrate my engagement,” Spears wrote.

“I’ll be back soon”.

Britney announced his engagement with his longtime boyfriend Sam Asgari on Monday.

An actor and fitness instructor who met a toxic singer on a music video set reassured fans that he would sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding.

She is also expected to be released from her parents after her father, Jamie Spears, has filed a court document seeking exemption from legal arrangements.

At a court hearing in June, Spears claimed that her parents had prevented her from marrying Asgari and starting a family together.

Since then, Spears has petitioned a Los Angeles court to consider terminating the 13-year power of attorney.

He said his daughter’s situation had changed “to the extent that there may no longer be a reason to establish a power of attorney.”

It’s her privilege

The news confirmed that it was a pop star break choice – always reliable – quoting “anonymous sources”.

“She is in a happy and wonderful place,” sources said. Page 6..

“Silence is powerful and can be a powerful message.”

Don’t go anywhere

If you disable your Instagram account, you may not see your account when searching and you may see the message “User not found”.

If your account is deactivated, you can restore it later.

Britney’s promise to return “immediately” indicates that her account is likely to have been deactivated rather than deleted, alleviating the frenzy of concern from fans.

Britney Spears fans panic after pop star “disappearance”

Source link Britney Spears fans panic after pop star “disappearance”

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