Britney Spears blames Jamie Lynn’s memoirs following all recent interviews

Britney Spears accused her sister Jamie Lynn Spears of “trying to sell a book at my expense” in an interview with Good Morning America.

Earlier this week, the 30-year-old actress interviewed her to promote her new memoir, “What I Should Have Say.” There she called her older brother for her “unstable” behavior.

And 40-year-old Pop Icon responded with a long statement revealing that she was watching the interview while she was really suffering from a high fever.

“”[I] Looking at my cell phone, I see that my sister did an interview with her to promote her book … I saw it with a fever of 104 lol and that’s what I don’t care about I had to surrender to, so it was really nice to have a very high fever. Britney wrote a long Twitter statement.

“I just couldn’t give af ***, but my head was very badly hurt … of course, if I get sick, I’m the queen of the drama, so I’m dying I think !!! I’m not kidding … my body had cold ridges everywhere, my body was so hot that I couldn’t move even though I was frozen As …. it was pretty intense. (Sic) “

Britney then dealt with what the ex-Zoey 101 star said had bothered her. This includes her “behavior being out of control” and her sister remixing her song.

Britney previously beat her sister when she played the cover of her hit “Till the World End” at the 2011 Awards Show.

“Anyway, the two things I was concerned about what my sister said were that my behavior was out of control.

“At that time she wasn’t around me about 15 years ago, but if she doesn’t want to sell books at my expense, why are they talking about it? Really? Then I mentioned why the woman accused you of remixing her song … it may sound silly to most people, but I wrote a lot of songs And my sister was a baby.

“She didn’t have to work for anything. Everything was always given to her !!!! If you were me, ask for a 13 year remix to attend a show or tour in a small venue You may understand !!!! 13 years later, they assigned me as the mother of all … “

A toxic singer whose father, Jamie Spears, was recently dismissed as Britney’s guardian 13 years later, subsequently accused her of “ruining” her family. [her] “Dream” and always give everything on the plate to Jamie.

“Britney sat there and watched all the performances I’ve ever wanted for 15 minutes, but you see, I was a bigger person than usual. They all did it and played me. I had to, and I always sat there and took it, but hey, now it’s a joke … the last thing I’ve ever done is given to her Ask what you did !!! Yes, they ruined my dreams, “she continued.

Later, Britney announced that he was taking a break from Instagram because he was “sick” with his family.

“My family ruined my dreams 100 billion percent and tried to make me look like a crazy dream while I had 104 fever and couldn’t move in bed !!!! My family was me I’m sick of them because I love to pull them down and hurt them all the time !!!!

During her interview, Jamie Lynn claimed that Britney once “locked them in the room with a knife” and she was “scary” many times.

Britney Spears blames Jamie Lynn’s memoirs following all recent interviews

Source link Britney Spears blames Jamie Lynn’s memoirs following all recent interviews

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