Britain’s policy of living for tomorrow has obscured the test team | England Cricket Team

ADam Gil Christ’s Autobiography True Colors: My Story is one of the best “unreliable narrator” sports books. Not because there is one false note in the heartfelt credibility of the tears on page 500, but because it isn’t. His story Instead, it’s a meditation on his own obsession with certain concepts, such as Australianism, buggy greenism, good brokeism, and above all health, the sacred atmosphere of the Australian test team.

Personnel changes are suffering. Gilchrist is endlessly worried about morality. There are 34 entries in the index under the heading “Team Feeling”. In the world of Gilchrist, test cricket, teamship, and test cricket teamship are sacred and inefficient, preserved at any cost, and sealed unbroken.

Regarding Warney’s reaction when dropped, there is a temptation to send a True Colors windmill across four pages of the room to another damp eye interlude (short version: smoking, threatening to quit). But Gilchrist is clearly working on something. Suspension of disbelief is required in all sports. We must feel that things are fine and important in this landscape. Otherwise, the whole thing starts to sag.

At that point, he entered England 2021 and returned a gentle encouragement to the reality of the test sport at Edgbaston.There was a thrilling curtain first day Dan Lawrence fought in the afternoon session and appeared to be threatened with obstacles, trip wires, ghosts, and strange sounds every time.

Lawrence participated in an average of 24 second tests. He has his own way of playing and is based on his bottom strengths. From time to time, he talks to the ball like a man preparing to turn the pancakes over. At Edgbaston, he went out in the middle of another England microcollapse, and Trent Boult snatched the ball around his toes.

However, Lawrence is also a bold and likable cricket player. He dug into his claws and made goggle eyes with every deviation, every flick on the vault’s wrist. He struck beautifully. Rather, he struck at this moment, as if this were all, the way the test player had to do. And for the first time, when it was supposed to be a brilliant summer, it felt like test cricket.

Because the tension was lost. I hear that Britain is planning ash. The UK is choosing fringe players. The UK is making, planning and playing 7D plague cricket chess.England Won the first test in India, Make the following two changes 7 times, Beaten Invisible.

Dan Lawrence sends the ball to England. Photo: Michael Steele / Getty Images

Instead of chasing victory, England has a net in the opening round. England has planned the ashes by removing the basic integrity of these contests, not to mention the loyalty of the audience.

The player has not been blamed. The level of strength due to bubble life emissions is noteworthy. Similarly, cricket coaches are not football managers. Causes and effects are more diffuse. But the facts remain, Chris Silverwood I have been working as the first Selector Head Coach in the UK for two years and the past few months. And there was ambiguity.

Scrolling to the right, the first action in the Silverwood era was to allow Joffra Archer In order to bowl 42 overs in the innings, his discomfort encountered a statement that he needed to “burn his stomach”, followed by a net-off twisting his elbows for the next game spot. Prior to Silverwood, Archer had 20 and 22 wickets. After Silverwood, he has 20 at 43. Archer is really a high-end sports talent. In most cases, the injury is just unlucky. His treatment was strange.

Meanwhile, Chris Woakes hasn’t thrown the ball into England for 10 months. Perhaps this has something to do with trying to win the ashes 11 months ago, but it seems like a miserable way to deal with England’s dominant player this year. At the same time, Jos Buttler played three tests and six One Day International. Butler and Walks are paid £ 1.5m a year to play English cricket. Resources are saved. Resources are also consumed.

Elsewhere, Moen Ali played one Silverwood era test, but was otherwise invisible. Jack Ruetsch took 18 wickets in India and found that his entire role on the team was redundant on his return. Dom Beth was called this week. Why don’t you poke your eyes at the reach and steal your lunch?

But this is a strangely confused incarnation of the England test, beyond Covid, the bubble, and everything else. Who is the British wicket keeper anyway? You should always be able to answer this so that you can name the Minister of Interior and the presenter of the question time.

Johnny Bainesu may have been successful in No. 7 for the past six years, but he should have spent some fake funk selections. However, Bainesu was “resting” (that is, playing blast) because he was in India six weeks ago. And England defends the fourth-chosen keeper for the best team in the world for the entertainment of 17,000 paying customers.

Primarily, there is a feeling of loss of concentration, relief of tension, and meandering of the test team. Win tomorrow by overlooking the need to enjoy now and despise today to reward ticket owners and subpayers for making this game work. It focuses on each of these self-contained five-day dramas, just as changing the meaning of the England test team is not the result of a head coach.

In Edgbaston, the increase in intensity caused by the returning crowd was an encouraging sight as the country dried up and longed for reality. It is hoped that they will be able to dilute and rest. And while the English player was much quieter and more heroic, he can reassert his sense of tightness, pure sight and Gilly-level credibility.

Britain’s policy of living for tomorrow has obscured the test team | England Cricket Team

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