Britain reopens doors to Europe and America

“We’ll still hit the road, but I think we’ll see stories of a steady and perhaps very fast recovery.”

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said the UK has made “another important step” to resume overseas travel following the pandemic closure.

“Whether you’re a family reunited for the first time since the start of the pandemic or a business that benefits from increased trade, this is an advance that we all can enjoy,” said Chaps.

“Of course, we will continue to be guided by the latest scientific data, but thanks to the world’s leading domestic vaccination program, we look to the future and rebuild our major transatlantic routes with the United States and our relationship with us. Can be strengthened. European neighbors, “he said.

But he warned about a long line at a British airport, saying that no one traveling this northern summer should expect it to be normal.

More electronic gates will be upgraded in the coming months to handle health checks at the UK’s major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.


Tom Thackray of CBI, who represents the business and has offices in London, Washington and Brussels, said the long-awaited resumption would be a huge boost to the needy travel industry.

“The current challenge is to implement these changes as quickly and smoothly as possible, which needs to include an efficient pre-travel system that assesses passengers’ COVID status to prevent congestion at the airport. There is, “he said.

Heathrow CEO John Holland Kay was critical of the British government for lagging Britain behind its EU rivals because it was too late to reopen.

“We are now working with colleagues in the industry to promote UK trade, reunite family and friends, and generate billions of new tourism revenues,” he said in a short line announced after the announcement. Said in a statement.

Heathrow Airport has suffered a loss of £ 2.9 billion ($ 5.5 billion) since the pandemic began and most international travel has ceased. In the first six months of 2021, less than 4 million people passed through the airport. This is equivalent to the 18-day passenger movement in 2019.

The United Kingdom has been supported by a dramatic but unexplained reduction in infectious diseases. Since the peak after the euro, when the infection exceeded 60,000 a day and reached about 27,000 on Wednesday, cases have more than halved, but the 7-day trend has dropped further to 38% compared to the previous week. did.

However, it has been a blow to British people who want to travel to the United States, and despite the current prevalence of Delta stocks in the United States, the Biden administration will not respond to the move and will not bring the border closer to Britain.

In addition to complications, the FDA has not approved the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine produced in the United Kingdom in the United States.


Former President Donald Trump first imposed travel bans on Britain and Europe at the beginning of the pandemic, which continued in the light of Delta shares, which had been dominant in Britain for several months.

However, the strain is now well established in the United States, especially in low-vaccination states, and the CDC has revised its mask rules to recommend it indoors, even when fully vaccinated.

All travelers arriving in the UK must test negative up to 3 days before departure and within 2 days of arriving in the UK, regardless of vaccination status.

The country still maintains a Red List where travelers from the country must go to the hotel quarantine at their own expense.

Boris Johnson acknowledges the success of England’s vaccination program. credit:Getty

The British were free to travel abroad for significant travel throughout the pandemic, but leisure travel was temporarily restricted for several months in early 2021.

Opposition attacks the Boris Johnson government for not adequately restricting overseas travel from India, especially during the second wave of infection, calling the rapidly expanding Delta variant “Johnson variant” I called it.

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Britain reopens doors to Europe and America

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