Britain providing anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

Britain says it is supplying Ukraine with tank weapons to help protect itself from potential aggression during the confrontation with Russia, which has rallyed troops near the border with Ukraine.

Western nations say they are afraid that Russia is preparing an excuse for a new attack on Ukraine, which invaded in 2014.

Moscow has denied plans for the attack, but said it could take unspecified military action unless the West agrees to the list of requests, such as banning Ukraine from joining NATO.

Last week’s talks ended without a breakthrough.

Kiev sought weapons from the Western nations to help it protect itself.

“We have decided to supply Ukraine with a light armored defense weapon system,” said British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who has already provided the first system and a small number of British personnel undergoing short-term training. Said to provide. Temporal.

He did not specify the number or type of weapons sent, but said, “They are not strategic nuclear weapons and do not pose a threat to Russia. They should be used for self-defense.”

“These are short distances … but still, people pause to think about what they are doing, and if a tank breaks into Ukraine, it becomes part of the defense mechanism. “

Wallace said he had invited Russian defense minister Sergey Shoygu to London within a few weeks to discuss the crisis, but he wasn’t sure if the Russians would accept it.

“The current gap is wide, but it’s not that it can’t be bridged. I’m hoping for diplomacy to spread. It’s Putin’s choice,” Wallace said.

Britain providing anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

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