Britain is looking for a foreign butcher

The shortage of butchers is just one of many areas in which Britain exists. Facing a serious labor shortage..

No one processes beef. credit:Nine

Last month, the government announced plans to issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers and 5,500 poultry workers, but the government invested in the UK workforce rather than relying on cheap foreign workers. I want to do it.

Ministers were also keen to downplay the proposal that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was a major issue affecting labor in the supply chain.

Many workers in the pig farming industry returned home during the pandemic and simply did not, Eustis said.

“This is a complicated situation. There was a lot of market turmoil, problems with access to the Chinese market, and perhaps overproduction. Here production is up about 7%. Yes, the workforce is a deteriorating factor. But it wasn’t. The only factor. “

“In common with many parts of the pig farming industry, and the food industry, we lost as many staff as many EU citizens who relied on the left during the pandemic. It has nothing to do with Brexit. “

As part of measures to address the problem of a shortage of truck drivers, he said EU drivers’ cabotage rules will be relaxed, allowing them to travel as long as they like over a two-week period.


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Britain is looking for a foreign butcher

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