Brisbane customer cheeky notes

Frustrated shoppers solved the problem with their own hands after not receiving the luggage. And it seems that they are not the only ones.

We were all there at some point — you’re actually at home, but the courier or mail carrier fails to drop something.

A frustrated shopper waiting to pick up his luggage decided to leave a cheeky note in front of Brisbane’s house and solve the problem on his own.

“Aus Post Deliverer: I’m at home,” the memo read.

The customer took a snap of the typed letter and shared it on the Australian Post Facebook page on Monday — and it seems they aren’t the only ones.

Since then, we’ve recorded hundreds of likes and comments from fellow shoppers who share a similar experience.

“I have a similar note at the front door, 12 months later, but only DHL actually knocks!” Written by one Facebook user.

“I put a note in my mailbox and tried this, but I still received the” we missed you “card,” another claimed.

“I will do that too! I’ll put the card on top of the letterbox slot so I can’t put it in! I can’t believe I have to do this,” he said.

Since then, this memo has sparked fierce debate with some who blamed “bad practices” rather than post office negligence.

“It’s not the delivery person who is responsible for this kind of behavior. Fish smell from the head,” said one.

“Today I saw an Australian Post driver getting out of the van and dropping an item on the front door and didn’t even knock to the left,” another claimed.

However, this memo was successful when shoppers later shared a snap showing that the courier was delivering the package to the front door.

“He delivered it and didn’t leave the card,” they wrote in the comments section along with the image.

In the statement provided to, Australian postal spokesman said Despite difficult situations, The staff “work harder than ever to deliver a record amount of parcels.”

“Our post office and driver are instructed to knock on the door three times and speak out before leaving the card or safely dropping the parcel,” said a spokesman.

“We regularly remind people of our policies and what we expect from them to ensure that our customers receive great service.

“But due to access and safety issues (such as a dog with a leash removed), our employees may leave the card without knocking. This happens even when the customer is at home. There is a possibility.”

To track deliveries, customers are encouraged to download the Australian Postal Mobile App. This gives you the option to keep your luggage in a safe place.

at first Shoppers leave postie cheeky notes after not receiving parcels

Brisbane customer cheeky notes

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