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Brexit trade delays worsen at UK borders, findings | Politics

Delays in imports and exports of goods to and from the EU have since worsened Brexit Introduced earlier this year, the report says it will lead to consumer inventories and rising prices.

A survey of 350 supply chain managers found that 2 in 3 experienced delays of “at least 2-3 days.” Goods for the UKCompared to 38%, which reported a delay in a similar survey in January.

One-third of this group said delays were “significantly longer” than January, 28% said they were “slightly longer”, and 15% reported delays as long as January. .. Only 18% of respondents surveyed by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) say they have no or no delays.

Export conditions were slightly better, with 44% experiencing a delay of at least 2-3 days in the arrival of goods in the EU.

“We have entered the second month of the new arrangement, and as cargo volumes have returned to normal and the customs system has become accustomed to the new process, the hope of reducing border delays has not been fulfilled.” John Glenn of CIPS said. Economist and visiting scholar at Cranfield School of Business.

“More worrisome is that delays continue to grow, putting more pressure on the UK supply chain and impacting the timely delivery of long-awaited products.”

“The impact of these delay knock-ons will flow far below the supply chain, ultimately leading to inventory shortages and rising consumer prices,” he added.

Almost half said the delay was due to customs paperwork on both sides of the border.

The investigation was conducted by the government Northern Ireland ProtocolWhere Check caused controversy, he will work Wednesday at 3:00 pm before a crunch meeting on the issue between Michael Gove and EU Vice-Chair Maroš Šefchovic.

Gove requires a two-year transition period to check supermarket merchandise and food brought from the UK to Northern Ireland, speculating that the EU could conclude a special agreement similar to the veterinary agreement with Switzerland or New Zealand. Did. Australia.

Swiss-style transactions require the UK to align animal, agricultural and food standards with EU standards. It claims to have been rejected in Brexit negotiations and will affect the sovereignty of countries that deviate from EU regulations.

A New Zealand-style agreement will eliminate the need for food health certificates and most physical examinations entering Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s secretary, Brandon Lewis, told BBC Radio Ulster: “The protocol is the legal agreement there and is in place. It needs to work in a positive way for the people of Northern Ireland. The living experience of some people in Northern Ireland is I understand that it shouldn’t be under the Protocol. We need to get it right. ”

Glenn said a series of new checks were introduced in the second phase of the UK’s Brexit agreement on April 1st and July 1st, and they need to be prepared for delays to continue “at least in the coming months.” Stated.

Brexit trade delays worsen at UK borders, findings | Politics

Source link Brexit trade delays worsen at UK borders, findings | Politics

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