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Nick Politis, the Kingpin of the Sydney Roosters, reiterated his reputation as the greatest deal maker in rugby league history.

Even from 15,000 kilometers away in Greece, Politis presided over the Roosters and defeated six rival clubs under the signature of Kiwitest Hooker Brandon Mychal.

Politis, 76, is a self-made billionaire and still has a greedy desire to ensure that the club, which began its partnership in 1975, remains one of the NRL’s flagship organizations.

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Over the last three decades, “Uncle Nick” has been signed by Freddie Fittler, Gus Gould, Adrian Morley, Sonny Bill Williams, James Maloney, Cooper Cronk, James Tedesco, Luke Keary, and now Smith. Landed.

It’s a phenomenal achievement.

One of the few opportunities Politis missed Mark was when super coach Wayne Bennett agreed to a handshake deal in the late Ron Massey’s living room in 2006.

Kamika Mika stood up after the incident | 00:29

It took years for the Roosters to recover before the club punted the then-new coach Trent Robinson.

After three premierships, Politis is often documented on how Robinson wants to be an Australian equivalent of what Sir Alex Ferguson achieved at the English Premier League Super Club Manchester United. increase.

The deal to keep Brandon Mychal away from the Melbourne Storm has been going on for four months.

Trent Robinson’s home private dinner, golf games on the Monash Golf Course with senior Roosters players, lobster and beer details with other boardroom executives, how the Roosters discriminate from other NRL clubs It emphasizes whether it has been transformed.

Tricolor’s big pitch to Smith wasn’t about what he could achieve on the field, but how he could help the club set him up for life after the rugby league.

Of course, winning the Premiership is a big part of that. But it’s growing to be a better person.

There is no doubt that Smith’s public parade will move up and down the East Coast. Later, when he appears on a podcast that reveals finite details about the Roosters pitch, Melbourne Storm spits out chips.

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Smith probably wants an early release in 2022, but to be fair, Melbourne is within the right to delve into Kiwitest Hooker that he is fulfilling the final year of the deal.

The last thing Storm wants to do is prepare the Roosters for next year’s Premiership race.

Champion Melbourne players will undoubtedly yell at Smith’s choice of public negotiations.

It’s not like a storm, it’s not like a rooster.

The 25-year-old Smith has the right to speak to a rival club as a free agent in 2023.

Sure he could have been able to handle things more carefully, but it’s still a fair game to do what he believes is best for his career.

Kaufushi will be the first dolphin recruitment | 00:51

The Kiwitest whore did not keep his desire to be the first whore in the NRL club secret. With Harry Grant signing a long-term contract with Storm, he no longer wants to play a second fiddle.

As this year’s Dally M Hooker, it’s impossible to oppose Smith’s reasoning.

What do you think of how Smith did himself?

Were the podcast interviews out of order?

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Brandon Smith, Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Podcast Interview, Nick Politis, Trent Robinson, Contract

Source link Brandon Smith, Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Podcast Interview, Nick Politis, Trent Robinson, Contract

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