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Boris Johnson apologizes to Queen for having a rule-breaking party the night before Prince Phillip’s funeral

Opponents say he wasn’t fit to rule and misunderstood Congress by denying that the COVID-19 guidance was violated.

The Daily Telegraph added an extraordinary twist to the story widely aired by comedians and cartoonists, saying that a drink party was held in Downing Street on April 16, 2021, the day before Prince Philip’s funeral.

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A spokesman for Johnson told reporters, “It is very regrettable that this was done in memory of the country, and 10 Downing Street apologized to the palace.”

Mr Johnson was at his Checkers Country Residence that day and wasn’t invited to any rally, his spokesman said.

According to the Telegraph, the delight in Downing Street was that staff went to a nearby supermarket to buy an alcohol suitcase, spilled wine on the carpet, and broke the swing used by the prime minister’s little son.

The next day, Queen Elizabeth said goodbye to her 73-year-old husband, Prince Phillip, after his death at the age of 99.

95-year-old Elizabeth, dressed in black and wearing a white-trimmed black face mask, sits alone during Philip’s funeral at Windsor Castle, strictly complying with coronavirus rules. I cut a bitter figure.

Queen Elizabeth sits alone in the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle during the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, in April 2021.

Source: AP

Opponents ask Johnson, 57, to resign and remind the public to follow some of the most annoying rules in peacetime history while his own staff is having a party in the heart of the British state. Cast him as the requested charlatan.

A small but increasing number of his own Conservatives repeated their call, fearing that it would cause permanent damage to the election outlook.

“Sadly, I can no longer support the position of the prime minister,” said former Johnson supporter Andrew Bridgen of the Conservative Party.

“It’s time to leave the stage.”

Johnson gave a variety of explanations about the parties, from denying that the rules were broken to expressing an understanding of the public’s anger at obvious hypocrisy.

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Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who appears to be a possible successor, said there was a “real mistake.”

“We need to see the overall position of the country, the fact that he (Johnson) provided Brexit, the fact that we are recovering from COVID … he apologized.”

“I think we need to move on now.”

To provoke a leadership challenge, 54 of the 360 ​​conservative members of Parliament must write a motion of no confidence to the chairman of the party’s 1922 Committee.

Telegraph said that as many as 30 such letters had been submitted.

Johnson is facing a tough year. Beyond COVID-19, inflation soars, energy prices soar, taxes are raised in April, and his party faces a local election in May.

One of the parties in April 2021 was the resignation event of James Slack, a former communications director in Downing Street, who apologized for “injuring and angry” on Friday.

Slack, now deputy editor-in-chief of the tabloid Sun newspaper, said in a statement to PA Media that the rally “shouldn’t have happened at that time.”

British police said Thursday that they would not investigate a rally held at Mr Johnson’s residence during the coronavirus blockade unless internal government investigations found evidence of potential criminal offenses.

Boris Johnson apologizes to Queen for having a rule-breaking party the night before Prince Phillip’s funeral

Source link Boris Johnson apologizes to Queen for having a rule-breaking party the night before Prince Phillip’s funeral

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