Blockage mob’throws a bottle at the policeman’

A Victorian opposition to the blockade, who lined up police officers and threw a glass bottle at the man’s head, lost his job, but now the court has reported that he wants to turn his life around.

Ulric Wharerau, 52, was charged with 20 charges, including assault on police, missile launches, and reckless serious injuries, and then asked the Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne to apply for bail.

An Elwood man threw a glass bottle into the face of a police officer about a to two meters away during a campaign against the blockade on Burnley Street in Richmond on September 18.

Another police officer was beaten in the jaw as the bottle bounced off the side of the first man’s right orbit.

“It was a difficult baseball-style pitch,” Falello told police after being arrested Thursday.

“I was as hard as I could. I aimed to hit someone who sprayed pepper on my chest or upper head.

“I didn’t stop there.”

The court heard that Wallerau, who previously worked as a bus driver but was fired for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, later threw stones at the third officer and was charged with the fourth officer. ..

Senior police officer Shawn Armstrong opposed the bail application for a 52-year-old man, claiming he tended to seriously injure police officers and bystanders.

“He is openly ignoring the law and is more likely to participate in more protests, risking future intentional attacks,” Sen Const Armstrong told the court.

“That’s not the last protest-there will be more.”

Katie Powell, a Wharerau lawyer, said her four fathers, her clients, showed no sign of participating in further protests after the September 18 incident.

“They were clearly not peaceful and instructed him that he did not want to be involved in such a protest again,” Powell said.

“He recognizes the impact they have on himself and his family, as well as on the community.

“He knows he is at a turning point and needs to ensure that his actions do not endanger his freedom.”

Powell argued that Wallerau, a family earner before losing her transportation job, should be released on bail under harsh conditions.

Wallerau has no previous criminal record in Victoria, but was convicted in 2002 of interfering with police officers in Noosa, Queensland.

Bail application hearings will continue on Friday.

Blockage mob’throws a bottle at the policeman’

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