Blackhawks to boost SA firefighting

Two Blackhawk helicopters will revolutionize the fight against wildfires in South Australia this summer, significantly increasing the aerial resources of country fire services, said Vincent Tarzia, Minister of Emergency Services.

Two Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawks operated by SA’s Aerotech are currently awaiting state-wide deployment.

“These Blackhawks are one of our strongest weapons in the fight against wildfires,” Tarzia said Wednesday.

“The Blackhawks can be deployed in just five minutes, surpassing the capabilities of other firefighting helicopters, which means that ground-based CFS volunteers can provide longer-term air support.”

Each helicopter has a top speed of 360km / h and can hold 4000 liters of water or retarder.

They can be refilled from a tank or dam in just 35 seconds and deliver the payload with higher accuracy.

CFS Chief Officer Mark Jones described the Blackhawks as the next-generation airstrike.

“Our aircraft are an important factor in helping slow down the fire so that ground forces can safely invade and extinguish the fire,” Jones said.

“The Blackhawks’ response speed and flexibility provide greater capacity than the other 25 South Australian aircraft.”

By placing the aircraft in Adelaide Hills, Aerotech’s managing director, Sam McCabe, said the service has also created jobs for pilots, engineers, ground personnel and support staff.

Blackhawks to boost SA firefighting

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