Binotto opens up Ferrari reliability issues

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Following the failure of the Carlos Sainz engine in Austria, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has publicly addressed the plague of the problems facing Scuderia this season.

A Swiss-born Italian engineer also admitted that he was “very nervous” late in the Austrian Grand Prix, so he couldn’t see Charles Leclerc fighting to maintain a fast finish, Max Verstappen. did.

“I must admit that I was very nervous and disappointed with what happened to Carlos (Sainz), but I was so nervous that I stopped watching the race in the last few laps!” Relieved Binotto said.

I think we need to see what happened to the Leclerc throttle. From what I’ve heard, the initial feedback is only mechanical, but I can’t give you any further details. “

After the engine broke down when Sainz was looking for the P2, Leclerc began to experience throttle problems after showing enough pace to pass Verstappen comfortably three times.

Mechanical issues are unwelcome, but less of a concern when compared to the power unit and engine failures that followed Ferrari’s 2022 up and down campaign.

“I think there are only two engine failures so far. The others were more power units than internal combustion engines,” Binotto said.

Looking today, we need to see if it’s the same problem as Charles in Baku … very likely, but those who have returned to Maranello are working very hard to fix it. Obviously I still don’t know what happened to Carlos. “

We have new elements, we know how powerful they are, how hard the team is working, and how good they are. And you can expect it to be dealt with soon, preferably as soon as possible. “

Despite the problems, Ferrari can still win in a row and Binotto remains bright towards the French Grand Prix at a consistent pace.

Ferrari’s pace and tire management were evident in the sprint and qualifying regarding the fight against the Red Bull car.

“I think we’re very similar in terms of pure speed. Qualifying proves that. I don’t think there’s a big difference between the two cars,” Binotto said.

If so, it’s tire deterioration, and perhaps Sprint had a little more advantage in tire angles. “

This was even more apparent today as he began to put pressure on Max. Pushing him and increasing the pace increased the tire deterioration, so what I saw in the sprint would be more obvious than today because of the pressure. To him. “

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Binotto opens up Ferrari reliability issues

Source link Binotto opens up Ferrari reliability issues

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