Big Drop Brewing Co’s Galactic Stout Wins “World’s Best”

Alcohol-free beer specialist Big Drop Brewing Co is now able to claim the world’s most award-winning beer, with Galactic Milk Stout receiving the world’s best low-alcohol beer. World Beer Awards.

Big Drop Brewing Co’s medal this year includes two of the 0.5% ABV beers, Paradiso IPA and Galactic Milk Stout’s “World’s Best”. Currently, there are seven “world’s best” titles, including Pine Trail Pale Ale winning the world’s best pale beer low strength in 2017 and 2020. Three of them are galaxies and two are Paradiso IPA, and the brand is at the forefront of alcohol-free and low-alcohol. Brewery.

Galactic Milk Stout has been described as a rich, smooth, absolutely decadent treat for beer and has won 20 of Big Drop Brewing Co’s 70 International Beer Awards since its launch in 2016.

Both of this year’s winners have defeated their best rivals in blind tasting so far. Paradiso was a UK winner in the Specialty IPA category of last year’s World Beer Awards, pushing 6% of ABV entries to second and third place. Similarly, Galactic outperformed the regular stouts of the World Beer Awards before having its own alcohol-free category.

“It’s been 12 months since we started brewing in Australia, and in the meantime, the quality of non-low-priced beer has improved significantly,” said Darren West, Australia and New Zealand, Country Director of Big Drop Brewing Co. Says.

“Now there are some great brands out there that are on par with full-strength beers. That’s great for the category and it’s for us to brew the best beer we can. Make sure you keep pushing yourself.

“It’s great that the two beers are recognized as” the best in the world, “but we certainly never rest and continue to innovate and deliver the highest quality non-alcoholic beers that consumers love. “

The secret to Galactic’s success is the “brewing to strength” or reduced amylase brewing technique, pioneered by Big Drop Brewing Co and regarded as a game changer in this category, often considered a “painful purchase”.

This technique allows the beer to be completely fermented without the need to extract alcohol after brewing. By staying below the alcohol-free threshold of 0.5% ABV throughout the process, brands can maintain the flavor and texture that would otherwise have been removed by removing alcohol.

Big Drop Brewing Co’s Galactic Milk Stout, brewed in Melbourne, can be found at most online non-alcoholic and beer retailers. here..

Big Drop Brewing Co’s Galactic Stout Wins “World’s Best”

Source link Big Drop Brewing Co’s Galactic Stout Wins “World’s Best”

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