Biden honors survivors of the Tulsa massacre in the United States

Joe Biden was the first incumbent US president to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma, where hundreds of blacks were slaughtered by white mobs in 1921.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the killing, Biden was scheduled to meet with a few surviving members of the Greenwood area and announce steps to combat inequality.

These are new to expand federal contracts with disadvantaged small businesses, invest tens of billions of dollars in communities like Greenwood suffering from persistent poverty, and combat housing discrimination. Includes plans to pursue initiatives.

“It was a slaughter,” Biden met with three people who lived in the district during the slaughter, Viola Fletcher, Hughes van Ellis, and Lessy Benningfield Randall, after visiting the Greenwood Cultural Center.

Survivors between the ages of 101 and 107 have been involved in proceedings this year against state and local authorities seeking “justice” from Congress and some remedies for the slaughter, including the Victims Compensation Fund.

White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden would listen, learn and express his heartfelt gratitude at informal meetings.

“What these survivors have endured is tragic and devastating,” Jean-Pierre told reporters on a flight to Oklahoma on Tuesday.

However, Mr Biden did not answer the reporter’s question as to whether the US president should officially apologize for the case.

A spokeswoman did not mention whether the president would discuss whether to pay compensation to the descendants of the affected people.

Mr Biden plans to tackle the US legacy of racist violence and the challenge of future unity, one administration official said.

Mr Biden cannot fulfill his promise to restore the country’s “soul” without recognizing the complexity of US history, officials said.

In a decree on Monday, Biden told all U.S. citizens to “reflect the deep roots of racial terrorism in our country and re-engage in work to eradicate systematic racism across our country. I asked.

Biden honors survivors of the Tulsa massacre in the United States

Source link Biden honors survivors of the Tulsa massacre in the United States

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