BIC has 36 COVID-19 deaths and 11,240 cases

Victoria recorded an additional 36 COVID-related deaths and 11,240 new cases. This is because more than 1000 students and staff remain at home after a positive test.

Of the new cases on Friday, 3889 are positive for PCR and 7351 are positive for rapid antigen test.

The total number of active cases in the state is 65,968, a decrease of 680 from Thursday.

Hospitalization with COVID-19 has decreased by 45 to 707 patients, the lowest number since January 7.

There are 79 people in the intensive care unit, 3 fewer than the day before, 29 of whom are on ventilators.

That’s after the Victorian School Surveillance Test Program continued to pick up cases between students and staff during the first week of class resumption.

From 4 pm Tuesday to 4 pm Wednesday, about 1000 students and 79 staff returned a positive test. This increased from 682 students and 63 staff in the previous 24-hour window.

However, the numbers are not comparable because students do not need to use rapid antigen testing on specific days under the recommendation of twice a week.

No schools were closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 or a shortage of staff, and the Victorian government had previously declared that returning to distance learning was the last resort.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the case was worth sending children to school after COVID was suspended for two years.

“It’s the price or expense of getting our children back into the classroom, but the value and value is just huge,” he told reporters Thursday.

BIC has 36 COVID-19 deaths and 11,240 cases

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