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NEWCASTLE Americana singer-songwriter Benlys has been skeptical of livestream performances since it became a big hit with musicians at the start of the pandemic. “I really don’t like streaming,” says Reese. “I resisted it, and I’m glad to let others play it, and I’ll join again when things are happening again.” But his left of the Not only did he agree to livestream performances, but Reese tried something much more elaborate, at the claim of The Dial bandmate Trent Crawford (Something With Numbers, One Dollar Short). I am. From 8 pm on Sunday, Reese will host a depleted TV. Live streams will be partly live gigs and partly TV shows. A depleted TV is free, but viewers must register from the Rudderless Records website to access it. Viewers can watch the performance through Zoom and see other users who want Leece to create a more interactive experience. Reese plays live from home and interviews friends. In addition, archived video packages from shows at Dashville and the Stag and Hunter Hotel, studio recordings from the creation of Reese’s next EP, and live crosses to guests will be mixed. Crawford will be the producer of Exhausted TV from his home in Gosford. “I hope it feels more like a real event than an average stream,” says Reese. “It’s essentially live television. I have earpieces and I communicate [with Crawford] Meanwhile, Reese aims to release a new EP this summer. The record was scheduled to drop ahead of the performance at Dashville Skyline in October, but the festival was postponed to February 25th. The pandemic forced Reese to spend more time on his new vinyl shop, Ladderless Records. The Newcastle West storefront is closed, but we have launched an online portal to keep our business going. “This store has played a very important role just to keep the store open for the past few months,” he says. The business has been halved, but the work has doubled to catch up. Register for Exhausted TV for free at Broadcast starts at 8 pm on Sunday.



Benlys and his friends launch Exhausted TV live stream | Newcastle Herald

Source link Benlys and his friends launch Exhausted TV live stream | Newcastle Herald

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