Ben Simmons Trade News, James Harden Refuses to Expand Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Update

Last season there was a moment almost down the road that we would never have had. Ben Simmons Ugly Standoffs At 76ers.

We now know the blockbuster deal that would have essentially exchanged Simmons for James Harden in a package deal between 2020/21. NBA The season collapsed in 11 hours.

The deal reportedly collapsed. Houston’s desire to include newcomer first rounder Tyrese Maxey In the deal; Philadelphia barked, Simmons and Maxi remained, and Harden joined Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

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Simmons is in a bad mood behind a team talk | 00:30

Almost 12 months later, ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith believes the dots can connect About a resurrected transaction involving both parties.

Of course, I know Simmons’s endurance and desperation for trade. We also know that Harden refused to extend the three-year offer of $ 161 million ($ 214 million) provided by Nets.

Harden is reportedly withholding the possibility of trading $ 227 million ($ 300 million) for four years in the next offseason. That leaves him with the possibility of not staying in Nets.

The problem with Philadelphia is finding the right trading partner. Simmons may have a moody headache, but he has a high pedigree and many talents. It’s not just about offering the talent of the Defensive Player of the Year for free.

But in Harden, GM Daryl Morey may have the opportunity to reunite with the superstar he brought from Thunder to Houston and brought to Philadelphia last year.

“If James Harden didn’t go to Brooklyn, he was going to go to Philadelphia with Daryl Morey. By the way, he hasn’t signed an extension, so he might still go there next year. “Smith said on ESPN’s first take.

“If you’re Daryl Morey, you have a choice. Let’s talk about why your choice that Ben Simmons could have been sitting for a year makes sense. If you’re that year. If you’re sitting in Ben and James Harden tells Brooklyn, “I want to go out, I want to go to Philadelphia with Daryl Morey” … (trade) is what you can do.

“James Harden isn’t going to do it now or in the predicament of this season, but he was able to do it at the end of this season.”

“I don’t care about that guy anymore” | 00:32

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The 76ers are patient and may have to prepare to become a bystander for termites to gather millions just by turning the organization into white ants.

But if they get together with James Harden, the long game may be worth playing.

according to New York post, However Net is confident that Harden will eventually promise Brooklyn his future..

“I don’t think much about it because James loves it here. He’s completely trapped,” said Steve Nash.

Patty Perfect: Nail everything 7/7 from the depths | 00:57

“So I wanted to sign him before the deadline, but when he resigned it was James’ privilege.

Harden himself showed nothing that he wanted to leave.

“I talked many times [GM Bobby Marks] When [team owner Joe Tsai].. To be honest, I haven’t seen myself anywhere else, “Harden said.

“I want to bring the championship to the city. I’m here.”

Ben Simmons Trade News, James Harden Refuses to Expand Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Update

Source link Ben Simmons Trade News, James Harden Refuses to Expand Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Update

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