Be-MPowered, Mums & Co Annual Meeting Ready to Inspire

helpful – Conference for “Ambitious” Business Owners – Begins Wednesday, June 2, 2021. It is in line with the spirit of Carrie Kwan, the co-founder of Moms and Company, who emphasizes well-being and whose mindset influences family success, ambition and livelihood.

Acquire the power to harmonize work and life

The conference features an exciting lineup of business-owning mothers, both digital and face-to-face. Kwan says the Be MPowered conference is about immersing yourself in the values ​​of Mums & Co.

Kwan believes Traditional business frameworks are not suitable for mothers. Also, the traditional business meeting format is not suitable. With this in mind, Mums & Co designed the event to fit the schedule of busy moms in business.

“This conference really blends business development, personal well-being and family. Business events are traditionally unsuitable for business-owning mothers, so modern online formats are a new type of national gathering. “Kwan said.

Kwan says the meeting reminds women not to ignore themselves.

Reasons to join Be MPowered

Kwan said the meeting was for a mother who owns a business A tool to reach your goals. It is a space where dreams spread greatly.Event features keynote sessions, Q & A and workshops are designed to help women learn about themselves and solve problems.

“It’s time to encourage yourself and be encouraged to find what you need.”

What to expect from Be MPowered

The conference offers three pillars in an ambitious theme-wide session. Life and welfare. Expect to hear from industry experts and learn from their experience. There are 11 speakers and 8 interactive sessions.

Kwan states that the new conference format is the result of the COVID world.

“We have adapted and embraced a further shift to the digital lifestyle. This opens up new opportunities for establishing online connectivity. Be MPowered 2021 is family, business development and personal well-being. We provide a hybrid model that truly fuses.

Be M Powered ticket reservations are being accepted. How to get a ticket at a special price of $ 40 Go here Then enter the code FLYING SOLO

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Be-MPowered, Mums & Co Annual Meeting Ready to Inspire

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