Barriers to finding a job when you are over 50

While some employers are reluctant to hire older workers, a MAX Solutions survey found that 77% of employers believe that mature-aged employees bring valuable skills to the company. Stated.

“Employers say older people have skills, but research shows they aren’t ready to hire people in the 50-65 age group,” she says.

Ms. Lam said one of the biggest challenges faced by mature job seekers was the lack of self-confidence when experiencing unemployment.

“At the interview stage, older candidates are often too humble and uncertain about how their previous skills can be transferred to another industry or position,” she said. “But we directly know that they bring great value to the workplace and are very adaptable.”

MAX Solutions has commissioned Decibel Research to conduct an online survey of 500 employers in Australia. MAX Solutions also surveyed 735 mature age job seekers from its customer base in July.

According to a survey, 85% of MAX’s mature age customers believe that their employers have some resistance and uncertainty in hiring older people.

According to the survey, more than half of employers have mature-aged workers more skilled than their younger peers in areas such as dispute resolution (57%), mediation (55%) and other management (55%). It states that there is.

For 60% of the employers surveyed, the main benefit from mature-aged workers was “experience”, followed by “maturity and stability” (48%) and “reliability”. “Reliability” (43%) followed.

While many employers considered digital literacy to be a challenge for workers of mature age, seven in ten employers said that older workers would be newer digital and faster than expected. I discovered that I had acquired IT skills. And while 65% of the employers surveyed have a policy of diversity and inclusiveness, only 40% say they are actively taking steps to attract and retain older workers. was.

Ian Yates, CEO of the Aging Council, said 62% of the employees surveyed considered making changes to accommodate older workers.

“By adding“ mature-aged workers ”to the organizational diversity and inclusive policy, employers regularly know what they can do to attract and retain older workers to their teams. You will be able to think about it, “he said. “Even small businesses can make changes by removing the” date of birth “from the job application form. “


Jacqueline King of MAX Solutions Batemans Bay said Smith’s employer “did not chase people of a certain age. He wanted someone to show up every day and get the job done. He was a mature age. Was very open-minded about hiring workers. “

“Martin’s challenge as an older worker is the same as many mature age job seekers struggling. He is very humble and has no habit of discussing his skills. Many older Job seekers find it really difficult to “sell” their skills and experience to potential employers, “King said.

“We worked with Martin to help clearly articulate the benefits of his particular skills and years of experience in the industry. Beyond that, we made him an older worker. Also helped to show good qualities in common. For example, they are reliable, very enthusiastic about getting in and working at a very high standard. The value of these soft skills is You can’t really overestimate it for your employer. “

Barriers to finding a job when you are over 50

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