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Banksy set an auction record for £ 18.5 million in shredded paintings | Banksy

Partially shredded Banksy The painting sold at auction for over £ 18.5m and is a record for street artists.

Love is in the Bin, getting £ 18,582,000 at Sotheby’s in London and selling at a much higher price than its £ 4-6 million guide price.

The artwork is a relic of an anonymous artist’s live destruction of his work “Girl with Balloon” at the same performance art auction house, which was sold to an unnamed European woman for £ 1 million in 2018. ..

The moment the hammer fell at the auction, the alarm went off and the canvas rang. Going through a hidden shredder Built into the bottom of a large Victorian frame.

The stunt left the lower half tattered, leaving only a red balloon on the white background of the frame.

Alex Branchk, Chairman of Sotheby’s Asian Modern and Contemporary Art, said: “It’s been almost three years since one of the most original moments of performance art of the century made the history of auctions. Banksy has no objection to making headlines, and this latest chapter of his story It has captured the imagination of the world. We can only start guessing what will happen next. “

The “girl reaching for a balloon,” depicting a little child reaching for a heart-shaped red balloon, was originally stencil-decorated on the walls of eastern London and recreated endlessly. One of Banksy’s most famous images..

This work has been permanently lent to the Stuttgart Museum in Germany since March 2019.

Banksy has become prominent in its satirical theme through a series of graffiti works that have appeared in buildings throughout Britain.

Other recent works by destructive artists include Opening of Dismaland, A Disneyland-style theme park that is his dystopia in 2015. He described it as a “family theme park unsuitable for children.”

The Guardian reported last month that collectors bought a fake Banksy non-fungible token (NFT) for £ 244,000. This work, called the Great Redistribution of Climate Change Disasters, was purchased by a purchaser named Pranksy, after which the currency was returned. What looked like an elaborate hoax..

Banksy set an auction record for £ 18.5 million in shredded paintings | Banksy

Source link Banksy set an auction record for £ 18.5 million in shredded paintings | Banksy

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