Ballarat company closed due to virus protest

The business in the Victorian town of Ballarat was closed and the Eureka Stockade commemorative event was postponed due to the so-called free assembly.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Civic Hall on Sunday with the flags of Australia and Eureka, and additional police were deployed to protest vaccination obligations and the new state’s pandemic law.

Ballarat Mayor Daniel Moloney told AAP that the town was known for its historic protests, but there was no good time to disrupt local trade.

“Half of Ballarat’s business is currently closed, and in many cases companies have decided to close for several hours,” he said.

A Ballarat liquor store posted a sign saying, “It will open on Sunday after Tantram leaves town.”

The council was also forced to postpone six events scheduled for Sunday to commemorate the 167th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade on December 3, 1854.

That day, about 300 British soldiers confronted a gold miner protesting the restriction law, killing about 60.

The rally sought to connect the “Eureka United” flag and the crowd with the “Eureka Oath” to connect with the historic battle, but Cr Moloney said any connection was somewhat dilute.

He said he didn’t want to make people nervous about attending the town’s commemorative ceremony.

“We want to make the Eureka event a solemn opportunity. We don’t want the possibility of a collision,” Cr Maloney said.

On Saturday, traffic stagnated at Flinders Street Station before up to 10,000 people gathered in Melbourne and outside the ABCs of Southbank and Government House.

The Sunday crowd appears to have many different concerns around jab obligations and pandemic law, but there are concerns that some protesters have neo-Nazi or far-right conspiracy group ties. ..

The controversial pandemic bill of the state government, which holds the prime minister and health minister responsible for issuing health orders, passed parliament on Thursday.

This will replace the current state of emergency on 16 December, making Victoria the first state in Australia to enact a pandemic-specific law.

Currently, there are 39 COVID-19 cases associated with a mass protest in Melbourne last month, three are hospitalized and one is in the intensive care unit.

Ballarat company closed due to virus protest

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