Backyard Gardening Ideas: A Formal Garden Perfect For Your Home

When you make a garden, always try to match it to your own unique style. like this.

There are many things to consider when starting a new garden from scratch or redesigning an existing one.

One of the important decisions is the style of the garden you create.

There are many styles to choose from. This article focuses on formal gardens. Other styles include tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean, coastal, cottage gardens, and contemporary garden and minimalist styles.

Whenever you make a garden, try to match it to your own unique style, or at least a style that resonates with you, and your lifestyle, your family’s needs, and your time constraints. Please give me.

For example, if you’re a neat and tidy person, don’t create a rambling cottage garden. Otherwise, you’ll only see clutter and informal, and you’ll be stressed.

Similarly, if you are a relaxed, laid-back person, you may feel comfortable living in a structured, neat, formal garden where everything is perfect.

However, you can create different garden styles in different parts of the garden. This gives the front yard a formal look and the back yard a cottage style, making it more relaxed and casual. All garden styles can have productive elements, including fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

The dominant color of the formal garden

The geometric garden is a smart and elegant style, perfect for those who like well-maintained and tidy things.

It is often symmetrical, with garden beds mirroring each other and matching. Formal gardens often use hedges and border planting to define spaces and edges.

Unlike other styles where the garden is all flowers, in a formal garden, even with flowers, the leaves, the shape of the plant, and the structure created by the plant are more important.

The main color of most formal gardens is green.

By using different plant varieties with contrasting leaf sizes or leaves of different shades of green, it is often layered structural leaves and hedges that generate interest.

Note that if you have healthy children or noisy pets, formal gardens, especially cleanly cut hedges, can easily be damaged by play and take a long time to heal.

Children need space to play, kick the ball, and ride their bikes. Therefore, try to leave open areas where these activities can occur without compromising your formal style.

The first step is to choose your garden style, then design your garden framework and layout, and finally choose the plant that suits your needs.

People often consider exotic plants to be the most suitable for formal gardens, but Australia’s presence, such as lily pillows and native rosemary (Westringia), works well as a hedge and can be used in formal gardens. There are many coming plants.

Readers’ gardening questions

Q. My daughter Samantha is about to celebrate her 21st anniversary, so I would like to get the rose “Samantha’s Dream”. This will be a great souvenir for her. Where can I get it?Wayne Metti, Gosford

A.“Samantha’s Dream” is a lovely hybrid tea rose with medium-sized flowers in apricot shades. Raised by Richard Walsh of Australia, this repeatedly flowering long-stem single rose has few thorns and a light scent. When the shrub rises, the height becomes 1.2 m.

The official distributor of this rose is Wagner’s Rose Nursery, based southeast of SA, and they offer mail order through their website.

There are also several at Green E Roses in Galston, New South Wales, with contact information: More important is Wayne. We apologize for any inconvenience. We wish you all the best of luck.

This week’s plants

In the right place, nothing beats camellia to add color and cheers to the garden in winter and spring.

Camellia japonicas are classic camellias in a variety of colors, from white and cream to pink and red shades to mauve. They are best known for their full double flowers of formal or informal nature, but there are some very attractive open varieties, with only a few rows of petals and prominent stamens.

In hot climates, it grows best in sunny afternoons or in the shade of the afternoon, or in deciduous trees, but in cooler climates it grows in full sun. They require acidic soil and can grow well in large pots.

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Backyard Gardening Ideas: A Formal Garden Perfect For Your Home

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