Awaiting coronavirus testing in Queensland

Authorities are worried about a coronavirus test to show if a Victorian couple traveling on an interstate highway has infected someone in Queensland.

Queensland Health has identified 17 close contacts with the couple, but so far only three of them have resulted.

They were negative, including the parents of an infected woman whose couple stayed in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

A total of about 400 people have been quarantined and tested as a result of the couple’s arrival on Saturday after a road trip from Melbourne’s Melton to Queensland via New South Wales.

They are known to have visited sites in Goondi Windy, Toowoomba and the southern Sunshine Coast.

The temporary walk-in vaccination hub at the Roundline Door Stadium will open its doors this weekend in response to the threat. Open 7 days a week until June 23rd.

“We plan to vaccinate about 1,000 people daily through this new facility, which will accept carry-on due to new COVID cases,” said Health Minister Yvette Dat.

Chief Health Officer Janet Young is optimistic that community infections may be avoided after serologic tests show that the couple is in the late stages of infection.

“That means there’s less risk of getting someone else,” she said Thursday.

Authorities say that anyone with symptoms, no matter how minor, must take a test as the contact tracer continues to work.

Victorian officials revealed on June 1 that the couple had left the state when the Melbourne metropolitan area was rushed to control the infection of the community.

They were permanently relocated to Queensland so that their husbands could get a new job.

Victoria’s acting prime minister, James Merlino, said the couple’s departure did not violate state restrictions and allowed them to travel on interstate highways during the blockage.

Dr. Young states that the couple did not apply for a travel exemption to enter Queensland, and it is the police’s responsibility to investigate whether they have passed under other processes.

The couple’s trip also triggered a health warning in New South Wales and visited at least 10 sites in the towns of New South Wales in Narrandera, Forbes, Dubbo and Molly.

When they traveled to New South Wales, a stay-at-home order was issued for travelers in Melbourne.

Victorian officials are trying to figure out how the couple were infected, one of whom visited Craigieburn Central Shopping Center in Melbourne on May 23.

The current outbreak in Victoria includes nine cases of visiting the shopping center.

Awaiting coronavirus testing in Queensland

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