Avocado Overdose: Foodies cheer, but farmers are wrecked as prices drop to $ 1 in the “worst case”

Cheap avocados sold in supermarkets have a serious dark side, causing shocking problems in Australia.

The $ 1 avocado on the shelves should overturn the idea that Australians have to choose between brunch or climbing a property ladder.

However, those who support cheap meals Butter, green meat It should be noted that the bottom price has a big downside.

Large avocado oversupply means farmers struggling to unload fruits at reasonable prices, risking crops to be thrown away or produce to die to trees until demand improves. You need to do it.

Avocado Australian boss John Tyas is now Avocado Lanche was the result of a “worst case” in which cafes and restaurants in the city were unable to serve brunch due to a surge in Australian production and blockades.

“About 20% of Australia’s avocados are in the food services sector, and if all restaurants and cafes are closed, obviously they’re not doing anything,” Tyas said.

The result is a pile of huge crops, with some farmers getting only a penny for a single fruit.

“Growers are just trying to get past this year as much as possible,” Tyas said.

This situation begins with the fact that in recent years the country has increased its intake of avocados and some people eat out everything from toasted avocados to guacamole to avocado ice cream.

Hort Innovations, an industry group, says Australia’s avocado production has doubled in 10 years as people expand their orchards. In 2020-21, the sector was worth $ 845 million on a retail basis.

Tyas said that 80,000 tonnes of avocado have been produced in the past year, a slight decrease from the previous year, but essentially there was no place for them to go.

“The (growing) conditions around Australia were very good, which means that virtually every region is experiencing a good harvest and many young trees are beginning to be produced,” he said.

“In the last five years or so, the industry has really responded to the demand for avocados. With so many plants, this year was a bit tough.”

Tyas said avocado exports have improved in recent months, but global shipping turmoil has also contributed to the excess.

Hort Innovation launched with patriotism to dig into oversupply “Our Green and Gold” Campaign During the Tokyo Olympics featuring comedian Nazeem Hussain.

During the Olympics alone, the campaign’s media reach was 14 million Australians, watching 412 Australian athletes in 30 sports, and Tyas was aware of growing demand.

Tyas also said that industry growth wasn’t a bad thing in the end, and cheap prices provided great marketing opportunities.

“There are many new consumers … and hopefully when prices return to normal sustainable levels, we will be able to sustain many of them, so long-term if you wish. A little short-term pain for the benefit, “he said.

“What we want to convey to consumers is that (avocado) is incredibly good value at the moment, a great opportunity to draw new recipes, draw different uses and make the most of this abundant time. I think.”

at first Farmers wrecked when “Perfect Storm” cuts avocado prices to $ 1

Avocado Overdose: Foodies cheer, but farmers are wrecked as prices drop to $ 1 in the “worst case”

Source link Avocado Overdose: Foodies cheer, but farmers are wrecked as prices drop to $ 1 in the “worst case”

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